By Caroline Kepnes
Updated August 10, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

Three weeks into the third, African-set edition of CBS’ Survivor, the natives are getting restless. On day 21, Survivor’s khaki-tastic host Jeff Probst faced off against an opponent with more venom than outback Uberbitch (and current Playboy cover girl) Jerri Manthey. ”I got stung by a scorpion,” Probst confesses to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY via e-mail. ”Fortunately, the bite was a bit lower on the body. He crawled right up my boot and planted one on my Achilles’ heel. He was about an inch and a half long and stung like a motherf—er.” Call him a masochist, but the ever-earnest Probst (who will return to prime time when Survivor 3 debuts in October) admits that he kinda likes the pain. ”Survivor 1, I was stung in the nether regions by a jellyfish. During Survivor 2, I peed on an electric fence and it sent a shock back to the point of origin. Now I feel authentic.”

Survivor: Africa

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