By EW Staff
Updated August 10, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

”As long as Julia gets her mug on the cover once every few months, I’ll die a happy man,” writes Alex French of Cincinnati, Ohio, but not every EW reader was thrilled by America’s sweetheart (#605, July 20). ”If the only thing Julia Roberts has to fear in her life is waking up 60 pounds heavier, then she should consider herself a very lucky woman,” writes JL McCrossin of Gaithersburg, Md. Also in the hot seat was our own Jim Mullen for his Hot Sheet item about George Harrison. ”I’m sure Mr. Harrison, as well as his millions of fans (including myself), see no humor in his ongoing struggle with cancer,” writes Bruce Urban, of McLean, Va. ”An apology would seem appropriate.” Consider it done.

Sweet-and-Sour Hearts

John Cusack playing the romantic lead in a major Hollywood hit!!! Looks like the powers that be have finally wised up! My generation (X) fumbled through adolescence with Cusack. Everyone I know either identifies with him or has a crush on him. I hope Cusack never abandons his affinity for quirky comedies, but I also hope the hype behind America’s Sweethearts provides him with a wider variety of projects to choose from in the future. CLAUDIA HANKIN Minneapolis

I am repulsed by Julia Roberts’ description of what it was like to don her America’s Sweethearts fat suit. She offers the same prejudiced sound bite about how terrifying it would be to wake up looking ”like that.” Well, Ms. Roberts could use some waking up. Fat isn’t just a makeup effect. It’s a health risk, and because of attitudes like hers, it’s also a stigma. If you ask me, Julia’s got more issues than a two-year subscription to EW! JOSHUA M. GLAZER New York City

After picking up my mail, I looked at EW and Julia Roberts was on the cover…again. What is that, her third cover this year? With all the other movies out now (Scary Movie 2, crazy/beautiful) and their high-profile stars, I wonder why they haven’t received a lot of coverage, let alone a cover. With American Pie 2 and Rush Hour 2 opening, I can only hope that they won’t receive the same treatment as those movies mentioned above. DERRIC WILLIAMS Beaumont, Tex.

Got Their Backs

As a fan of the Backstreet Boys, I thought ”Boy Trouble” (News & Notes) was a misrepresentation of the challenge the Backstreet Boys are facing. We should look at the positives of their situation and realize they are taking a step in the right direction. It takes a strong person to admit he has a problem and seek help like AJ has done. KERRI DeNAME East Rockaway, N.Y.

Keeping Score

You can call Marlon Brando a great actor. You can call him one of the finest thespians on this planet. Even that I don’t disagree with. But when you start going over his indiscretions as they relate to his coworkers and in a way condone them (”Marlon Weigh-Ins”), you’re going too far. There is no one else in Hollywood who has such a foot-in-mouth disease as Brando does. His behavior doesn’t make him great, it makes him an a — hole. LENNY FELGIN Alpharetta, Ga.