By Lynn Harris
Updated August 10, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

What would you give for Lara Croft’s body? How about six photos of your head and about $300? Based on your likeness, preferences, and even clothing and accessory specs, the Florida-based AndGor Toy Company, Inc. (, will create a custom action figure of your own biggest hero: you. Or at least the parts of you you’d like to see sculpted forever in rock-hard resin and plastic (exception: the private ones). ”I’m a heavyset guy, but I didn’t put a gut on mine,” says company founder and president Sam Gordich of his own Mini-Me. ”When we’re creating an action figure, it’s a you-at-your-best kind of thing. People don’t ask us to do a schleppy middle-aged couch potato.” No, that would be an inaction figure.