A Consumer's Guide to the Flicks, Discs, Books, Videos, and Websites That Made the Grade -- B+ Or Better -- In Entertainment Weekly

By EW Staff
Updated August 03, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT


THE SCORE Robert De Niro, Edward Norton (R) De Niro and Norton are partners, rivals, and enemies in this clever and suspenseful old-fashioned heist thriller. B+

THE CLOSET Daniel Auteuil, Gerard Depardieu (R) In this cagey and high-gloss French tickler, Auteuil is a dull man with a puny life who tries to save his job by pretending to be gay. A-

FINAL FANTASY: the spirits within Voices by Ming-Na, Alec Baldwin (PG-13) Forget the trite good-versus-evil story line, and just take in the gorgeous computer-generated imagery. B+

HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH John Cameron Mitchell, Miriam Shor (R) A deliriously inventive rock & roll movie that achieves all that Moulin Rouge aspires to with far less effort. A-

LOST AND DELIRIOUS Piper Perabo, Jessica Pare (Unrated) The tensions and intimacies of teenage girls are evoked with unusual delicacy in this prep-school drama. B+

LUMUMBA Eriq Ebouaney, Alex Descas (Unrated) A fiery biopic of the beer salesman-turned-prime minister of the Congo that powerfully conveys the urgent chaos of revolution. A-

PANDAEMONIUM John Hannah, Linus Roache (PG-13) The film’s swoony visual and narrative style captures the compelling delirium of drugs among a crowd of British iconoclasts. B+

THE VERTICAL RAY OF THE SUN Tran Nu Yen-Khe (PG-13) In this sensual still-life of a story, three sisters lead lives considerably less peaceful than their exteriors suggest. B+

Video & DVD

CATCH-22 Alan Arkin (R) File the film under botched masterpieces, but rank director Mike Nichols’ commentary on this DVD among the most enlightening of its kind. B+

THE GIFT Cate Blanchett (R) Blanchett shines as a small-town psychic in this Southern gothic whodunit. A-

GREY GARDENS Documentary (Unrated) Revisit Albert and David Maysles’ landmark 1976 film about the profoundly dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship between Jackie Onassis’ aunt and first cousin. B+

IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE Maggie Cheung (PG) Two lonely married neighbors vacillate between restraint and indulgence in this exquisitely shot romance. B+

MONKEYBONE Brendan Fraser (PG-13) Fraser and his repressed id, a cartoon monkey, duke it out in this often hilarious comic fantasy. B+

POLLOCK Ed Harris (R) Harris’ Oscar-nominated portrayal of Jackson Pollock pays ample tribute to the abstract expressionist/enfant terrible without being maudlin. B+

DIE HARD — THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION Bruce Willis (R) Commentaries, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes documentaries, trailers, special-effects breakdowns, a scene-editing workshop, and — oh, yeah — Willis’ three testosterone-fueled flicks. A



THINKS… David Lodge (Viking) The British author, a master of academic backbiting, charts the unlikely romance between a slick scientist and a widowed writer. A-

COME UP AND SEE ME SOMETIME Erika Krause (Scribner) Krause fills her collection of 13 sharp stories with nervy women worth getting to know. A

JUNO & JULIET Julian Gough (Doubleday) Endearing twin sisters leave their native Tipperary to attend university in Galway, where they come of age, irony-free. A-


A COLD CASE Philip Gourevitch (FS&G) In 1970, a thug killed two men and disappeared; this is the story of the detective who can’t let the case die. B+

JUSTICE: CRIMES, TRIALS, AND PUNISHMENTS Dominick Dunne (Crown) The bespectacled crime reporter to the rich and infamous delves deep into the murderer’s psyche. A-

MY EARS ARE BENT Joseph Mitchell (Pantheon) Highlights from the New Yorker reporter’s days of poking around his usual beat of noirish nooks. A-

THE TALE OF THE ROSE Consuelo de Saint-Exupery (Random House) A posthumous celebration of her turbulent marriage to the author of the children’s classic The Little Prince. A



AM I RIGHT (amiright.com) A hilarious index of misheard song lyrics, from ”Hey Dude” to ”Hungry Like the Wall.” B+

JOSHUA BELL (joshuabell.com) This Grammy-winning violinist’s official site is as elegant as the strains from his Stradivarius. A-

LAST PLANE TO JAKARTA (lastplanetojakarta.com) Read up on esoteric subjects like ”Death Metal Rules” at music critic John Darnielle’s e-zine. A

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT (rufuswainwright.com) A captivating peek inside the head of Montreal’s most melodic drama queen. A-


SIX FEET UNDER (hbo.com/sixfeet under) HBO’s site for Alan Ball’s latest undertaking is crammed with episode info, video clips, and fake ads for embalming fluid. B+

ZAP2IT.COM (tv.zap2it.com) TV buffs can geek out on Nielsen reports at this industry-focused news hub. A

THE MISSING LINK (supanet. com/missinglink) Play this animated spoof of The Weakest Link, but beware — host Anne Robinson is even meaner as a cartoon. A-


SHOWSTUDIO (showstudio.com) Haute cool meets high tech at this multimedia showcase for artists like Alexander McQueen and Bjork. A-

SIXTIES POP (www.sixtiespop. com) Swinging London’s calling you to one mod-culture-obsessed fan’s shrine to the British Invasion. A


BEANIE SIGEL The Reason (Def Jam) Smart lyrics and eclectic beats elevate Sigel’s gangsta grooves above the hip-hop horde. B+

BETA BAND Hot Shots II (Astralwerks) Post-millennium hippies masterfully mix folk with dub, trip-hop, and lounge. B+

DROWNING POOL Sinner (Wind Up) Stern, rumbling, noirish metal, without the trendy hip-hop trimmings. B+

JIM LAUDERDALE The Other Sessions (DualTone) Country’s honky-tonk hero celebrates the hillbilly joie de vivre. A

LFO Life Is Good (J) With their second album, the pop threesome reach the ranks of ”real” boy bands like Sugar Ray and Smash Mouth. A-

VARIOUS ARTISTS Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts From the British Empire and Beyond 1964-1969 (Rhino) A melodious melange of clamor from the Troggs, the Pretty Things, and other garage-rock bands. A

PERNICE BROTHERS The World Won’t End (Ashmont) Prolific indie songwriter Joe Pernice evokes the bliss and heartache of summertime. A-

SHEA SEGER The May Street Project (RCA) Though he’s just 21 years old, this Texan’s soulful vocals drive the thoroughly modern yet timeless tales of woe. B+

THA LIKS X.O. Experience (Loud) The trio lightens the mood of hip-hop’s gangsta party with libation-loving aplomb. B+

TRICKY Blowback (Hollywood) Once irascible, the newly pop- oriented Brit unloads his most user-friendly album to date. B+

LUTHER VANDROSS Luther Vandross (J) Luther’s old-school bed- room soul offers respite from today’s raunchy R&B grooves. A-

CRAIG DAVID Born to Do It (Atlantic) The U.K. innovator brings his house-inflected R&B Stateside. B+

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Hybrid) Kitsch drives this soundtrack — a glam-rock amalgam of Bowie, Dietrich, and Jim Steinman. A-

THE YARDBIRDS Ultimate! (Rhino) Guitar gods Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton make this indispensable. A