Jermaine's out, Randy's in, and somebody is going to make a killing

By Tom Sinclair
August 02, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Jackson Illustration by Thomas Fuchs

JACKSON JIVE It’s a given that no Michael Jackson event is complete without a healthy dose of attendant silliness and confusion. So it’s no surprise that news of Jackson’s guest-star-studded Madison Square Garden concerts on Sept. 7 and 10 — marking his 30th anniversary as a solo artist and featuring Britney, Whitney, ‘N Sync, Liza Minnelli, Destiny’s Child, and a host of others — was immediately followed by a confusingly worded press release from Jermaine and Randy Jackson. In the statement, the brothers claimed that ”we have not formally signed a contract to participate [in the concerts]…despite the $1,200 fee we have each been offered to participate…. It is almost embarrassing that no charities have been named to benefit from this most momentous occasion.” (Tickets for the concerts are momentously priced as well, ranging from $45 to $2,500, with no charity designated.) Shortly afterward, Marlon Jackson fired off a response: ”The statement from Jermaine was totally false regarding Randy’s non-participation in the show…. Randy will be a part of these evenings and the public will see the original Jacksons reunite.” (True fans know there is a difference between the Jackson 5, which included Jermaine, and the later incarnation of the group, called the Jacksons, which substituted youngest brother Randy for Jermaine.) Seeming to distance himself from the flap, family spokesman John McLaughlin dismissed Jermaine’s original statement: ”That was something that was sent out by them on their own. Now I’m handling the calls.” He added, ”Both Jermaine and Randy have every intention of being there with Michael on stage performing that night,” and confirms the $1,200 fee was no typo. ”That’s what all the performers are getting — I believe it’s scale.” You mean small-scale, don’t you?