Are Zeta-Jones and Cusack really the monsters they portray?

By William Keck
July 26, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
America's Sweethearts: Melinda Sue Gordon
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Does art mirror reality in ”America’s Sweethearts” — in which Catherine Zeta-Jones and John Cusack play self-indulgent celebs? Sometimes, say ”Sweethearts”’ stars, tapped at the flick’s L.A. premiere. Zeta-Jones admits to asking her assistant to perform a demeaning task — as she does of Julia Roberts’ character — and later regretting it. ”I actually asked my assistant to get me a pregnancy test,” she says, ”but that was a long time ago.” Cracks Cusack: ”I asked [mine] to go to Indonesia to pick up some China White heroin. She said no.”

Also in the movie, Billy Crystal’s agent character coordinates the arrival order of stars to a press event — with the last being top of the heap. Is there a hierarchy? ”It just happened now,” says Crystal. ”They told me, ‘No one’s there yet. You don’t want to be first.’ So we cruised around the block a few times. I actually got here last night.” And Seth Green notes: ”They usually tell me to show up before everyone else does.” Turns out Roberts was unavailable to answer questions: The last to arrive, she had no time.