While spoiled little Carrie complains in the country, the sensible Miranda proves she's the best ex-girlfriend a guy could ever have, says Jessica Shaw

By Jessica Shaw
Updated July 24, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Is there a future for Miranda and Steve?

The Bradys went to Hawaii. ”90210” went to Paris. Jeez, at least HBO could have sprung for Carrie to go to East Hampton. You know, fewer mosquitoes. Cool ocean breezes. Crazed Mercedes-driving publicists who back into popular night spots. Oh, yeah, the ”country” was probably a better idea.

Of course, Carrie seemed like she’d rather be on the tail end of an SUV than be in Aidan’s log cabin. Once again, I must wonder why she fails to see the brilliance, the sexiness, the tenderness of Aidan. The guy practically built that place. He put in the hot water thingy. He takes naps after passionate country sex. He’s perfect!

Carrie was too busy trying to figure out whether she was ”compromising” herself by venturing north of area code 212 to realize Aidan’s the one putting up with her ridiculousness. Oh, poor little Carrie gets scared by the squirrel. Poor Carrie has a bead of sweat on her forehead. Poor Carrie got her leg burned while trying to bake. Poor Carrie’s going to be alone sipping Cosmopolitans if she doesn’t try new experiences.

My sympathy may not be overflowing for Carrie, but man, oh man, what Charlotte has to go through with Bunny. That orchid-loving, vodka-swilling, social boundary-crossing freak is brilliantly evil in the way only a Connecticut septuagenarian can be. Even though I’m not really looking forward to pregnant Charlotte and her proper maternity wear discussions, I simply cannot wait for the Bunny vs. Charlotte showdowns that hormonal imbalance will bring.

Speaking of hormones, Samantha has to move beyond her lay of the week storylines. Much as I love her new spectacular bra every week, it’s just too easy for lazy writers to avoid coming up with a better plot. Sure, have Sam bang some guy that fits conveniently into another plotline (enter: Young McDonald). Where’s her fabulous Samantha Jones PR job these days, anyway? Start there.

But the prize storyline of the week goes once again to Miranda, whom I love so much I’m almost ready to run out, chop my hair off, and dye it carrot orange. She freaked out with the exact right amount of concern and spastic melodrama when adorable Steve told her of his ”trendy” testicular cancer. She wouldn’t leave the hospital after visiting hours had ended. Could there be a better friend, ex-girlfriend, or multifaceted character? Bravo, Miranda! Your days as the loser of the quartet are officially over! Hmm, now that she’s not such a drag maybe a little action is in order. Steve was looking at her quite lovingly and was quite cute in that hospital gown. Am I sensing an upcoming Drew Barrymore homage here?

Who’s your favorite character this week?

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