Here's the scoop on the movie's new people-eaters

By Lori Reese
Updated July 24, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

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Everyone’s favorite overgrown lizards return in ”Jurassic Park 3,” but it isn’t business as usual on Isla Sorna’s dino-infested jungles.’s got the behind-the-scenes dirt about the on-set injuries, the constantly changing script, and the movie’s new super-sized, super-scaly cast member. But beware! Raptors, T. Rexes — and SPOILERS ahead.

Will we meet new species of dinosaur?
You betcha. Hello, Spinosaurus — a burly meat-eater with the snout of a crocodile and a spiny sail on its back. Though there are no Spinosaurus skeletons in existence (the only one ever discovered was bombed to bits during WWII), it’s still believed to be the largest meat-eater that ever lived. But to keep audiences guessing when the Spinosaurus faces off against a T. Rex, dino creator Stan Winston decided to downsize the big guy, making the movie’s animatronic model 44 feet tall instead of a more realistic 60. ”If he was too much bigger than the T Rex, it wouldn’t have been much of a fight,” Winston tells Even so, it wasn’t exactly an even match: The movie’s Spinosaur was still 6 feet taller and 3 1/2 tons heavier than his opponent. Foul!

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Have the velociraptors had ”work” done? They look different.
Blame science for the makeover. Since the first movie appeared, paleontologists have discovered the first ”Jurassic Park” didn’t get the raptor quite right. ”We’ve made their coloration more vibrant, and now that we’ve realized how connected to birds they are, we elongated the nose, gave it more of a point, and added quills,” says Winston. (Please, no jokes about nose jobs in front of the dinos. They’re sensitive.)

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