By EW Staff
Updated July 20, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Sex and the City cast on our cover (#601, June 22) lulled readers into a summer-in-New York state of mind. ”Two great covers [in] two weeks!” says Duane Kent of Lemoyne, Pa. Meanwhile, one of the season’s new shows has already found a fan. ”Thanks for featuring MTV’s Spyder Games,” writes Kevin Dailey of San Diego. ”I hope MTV chooses not to make the show ‘finite.”’ Moving out of the TV den into the land of cineplexes, Memento continues to entertain (and confuse) audiences, who turned to Daniel Fierman’s article for an explanation of the film’s plot. ”[Memento] challenges the viewer, spurs discussion, and keeps you guessing,” says Michael Porembski of Libertyville, Ill. ”Hollywood finally got one right.”

The Naked Truth

First, Angelina Jolie’s cleavage is bursting over my address label. Then the Sex and the City ladies hide their (presumably) naked bodies behind a sheet. Okay, EW, it’s payback time. How about a shirtless Oded Fehr from The Mummy Returns for your next cover? LORI LAMB Glendale, Calif.

I never thought a clever and funny show like Sex and the City would wuss out. But for anyone who is thinking of buying the Sex and the City season 2 (mine is on DVD), be warned. When Samantha loses her social status after being caught in a compromising position with a high-society husband, the only person to ”save her” and bring her back to acceptable society is a shadowy, obviously dark-haired figure backlit with a God-like halo named JFK Jr. In the new, overly PC version, Sarah Jessica Parker even changed her voice-over to say that it was not JFK Jr. but ”Leonardo DiCaprio.” Sad that the producers decided to take out this fitting tribute. TRACY AUSTIN West Hartford, Conn.

Win, Lose, or Draw

Thank you for Jeff Jensen and Steve Daly’s rather insightful article concerning the current state of animated films (”High ‘Toon”). While some of the obvious reasons for audience decline (story line and character) were implied in the article, the authors overlooked two crucial factors: the price of movie tickets and the advent of video and DVD. While it may cost a family an average of $30-40 for a night out at the movies, one can always wait for the video release. It seems in this case video (and DVD) is indeed killing the multiplex star. LATONYA Y. BETHEA Spring Valley, Calif.

A big green ugly thanks to your animation piece for noting that great stories and great characters are as important as great technique for success in animation. Those two legs of the tripod are what boost Shrek well above Pearl Harbor, let alone Titan A.E. STEF HAHN Edmonds, Wash.

Fascinating article (”high ‘Toon”), but producer Chris Lee should know that South Park is produced on computers — those guys work really hard to make it look so ”authentically” low-tech! SARA MULLOCK Manchester, England

Reverse Psychology

I was thrilled to see the article about Memento (”Memory Games”). If Chris Nolan is reading this, please keep the movie backward on the DVD. I thought this movie was very well done, and I’ll definitely be going back to look for the ”subliminal flashes” that I missed the first time. Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t the only one who didn’t quite get it on the first try. JANICE VARLEY Scottsdale, Ariz.