What the country is talking about this week...

By EW Staff
Updated July 20, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

1 LEGALLY BLONDE Her professors think Reese Witherspoon won’t make it through Harvard Law. She has a conscience.

2 PEEPHOLE TV Big Brother is back and sleazier than before. How long before we get Girls Locker Room and Highway Rest Stop?

3 ROBERT ILER Tony Soprano’s son has been accused of robbing two people in New York City. Without a license.

4 CONCERT TICKETS The average price to see your favorite band this year is $46.69. Not counting souvenirs, transportation, and hearing tests.

5 REP. GARY CONDIT Interns, sex, ties, lying, investigations. Sounds like this guy’s running for President.

6 MULES The backless shoes once found in the boudoir are this season’s hot street fashion. Coming soon — bath turbans for the office.

7 CARSON DALY AND TARA REID The wedding’s off. They couldn’t decide whether to raise the children as egotists or narcissists.

8 BACKSTREET BOYS AJ’s rehab forced the band to postpone its tour. Why? They can find 40 look-alikes at any high school.

9 NICOLE KIDMAN She says someday she’d like to meet the right man. As if that’s ever going to happen in Hollywood.

10 THE BARRYMORE-GREEN WEDDING People are getting sick of this story. All they got were toasters and metal forks.

11 GEORGE HARRISON The ex-Beatle says he’s feeling fine after successful treatment for a reported brain tumor. He says he can’t wait to get back to his drums.

12 FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN A computer-generated movie based on a computer game. You have to be a 486 or above to get in.

13 WEBVAN A billion-dollar-disaster dotcom. Thank goodness all my money’s in something stable, like Lucent.

14 PAMPLONA, SPAIN Where else can tourists enjoy being chased by large, raging bulls? Where to next, sport — the Bosnian Minefield 10K?

15 BRITISH OPEN Many people feel it’s golf the way it should be played. In some other country.