Plus, ''Big Brother'' cuts out a knife-wielding contestant, Eminem squeaks back to the top of the charts, and more

By Gary Susman
Updated July 16, 2001 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Harrison Ford: Kevin Winter/ImageDirect

TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT It’s ”Indiana Jones and the Lost Boy Scout.” For the second time in a year, Harrison Ford has used his helicopter to help rescue a hiker stranded near his Jackson, Wyoming, home. Cody Clawson, a 13-year-old Utah Boy Scout, had gotten separated from the rest of his troop in a forest near Yellowstone National Park on Monday afternoon. Local police looked for him that night, and Ford pitched in Tuesday morning, searching the woods by air for two hours until he found the boy at 8:30, unharmed. ”Boy, you sure must have earned a merit badge for this one,” said the star. ”I already earned this badge last summer,” said the scout. Ford, who turns 59 tomorrow, rescued a woman off an 11,100-foot peak last July when altitude sickness and dehydration left her too ill to climb down.


JUSTIN TIME What do the ”Big Brother” contestants have to do to get viewers to watch — kill each other? Producers tried to pack this year’s series with more aggressive, brazen houseguests, but one contestant putting a knife to another’s throat was probably not what they had in mind. CBS booted Justin, a 26-year-old New Jersey bartender, from the house before dawn Wednesday, shortly after a late-night incident in which he appeared to threaten Krista, the 28-year-old divorced mom from Louisiana, with a kitchen knife. The incident occurred after Tuesday’s broadcast, though it was presumably seen by anyone watching the show’s 24-hour webcam. Justin, who’d had three beers that night, was kissing Krista in the kitchen when he suddenly pulled a knife from the drawer, put it to her throat, and said, ”Wait, hang on. I’m going to slash your throat. Would you mind if I killed you?” Unfazed, Krista said, ”No, but I want some water.” He repeated, ”No, seriously, would you get mad if I killed you?” He then put the knife away, and the two started smooching again.

Not long after, Justin was called to talk to producer Arnold Shapiro, telling him that the incident was just horseplay, and that ”You know I would never hurt anybody.” But this wasn’t the first time Justin had gotten in trouble for his belligerence. Tuesday night’s broadcast showed him arguing with Kent when the latter alleged that Justin had stolen his pillow, and other contestants had reportedly threatened to walk off the show if Justin stayed. His ouster won’t affect this week’s eviction process, where the contestants will vote one of their number out of the house on tonight’s episode, and Justin will return long enough to be interviewed by host Julie Chen. CBS has not decided whether to air the knife incident.

‘MINOR’ VICTORY Eminem‘s rap posse D12 barely retook the top spot on the Billboard album chart after last week’s upset by teen-pop newcomer Alicia Keys. D12’s ”Devil’s Night Out” sold 173,956 copies, according to SoundScan, just 306 more than Keys’ ”Songs in A Minor.” Staind‘s ”Break the Cycle” hops up a spot to No. 3, with 154,525 units sold. Jagged Edge‘s ”Jagged Little Thrill” is at No. 4 (135,875 sold). Destiny’s Child‘s ”Survivor” rebounds up a spot to No. 5 (125,275 copies).

Lil’ Romeo proved himself a chip off the old block, as Master P‘s 11-year-old son saw his self-titled debut album open at No. 6. ”The Fast and the Furious” soundtrack was No. 7, Blink-182‘s ”Take Off Your Pants & Jacket” was No. 8, the ”Moulin Rouge” soundtrack was No. 9, and St. Lunatics‘ ”Free City” was No. 10.

UH-OH Coincidence or not? Just days after Nicole Kidman told a German magazine, ”I haven’t given up hope that somewhere out there somebody is waiting for me and I can fall in love again,” and says her biggest wish ”would be to move to Sydney with the children — to see them grow up there, where I spent my own childhood. I love that city, the zest for life and the openness of us Aussies,” she takes a vacation with her kids at Fiji’s Wakaya Club resort. Four days later, who flies in but fellow Aussie Russell Crowe?

GUILD TRIP On Tuesday, the West Coast section of the joint board of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists approved last week’s contract settlement with producers that averted an industry-crippling actors’ strike. Now the East Coast section of the board must approve, and then the contract will be submitted for a vote by the whole membership, but those actions seem like formalities at this point. Meanwhile, SAG president William Daniels may face a challenge if he decides to run for another term this fall, since board member Melissa Gilbert says she wants the job.

TUBE TALK Conan O’Brien will have to stop making jokes about his lackluster romantic life. After a year of dating her, he’s engaged to Liza Powell, who works in advertising but who met O’Brien when she appeared on a sketch on his show. Meanwhile, late night king Lorne Michaels, who produces Conan’s show and ”Saturday Night Live,” will try his hand at producing a daytime talk show, starting next fall….

You’d expect a secret warehouse on the Brooklyn waterfront to be the site of mob activity, so it’s apt that next week, Bill Maher will host a week of Mafia-themed episodes of ”Politically Incorrect” from such a location. The address is being kept a secret to insure the safety of such scheduled panelists as Henry Hill (the inspiration for ”GoodFellas,” who was played by Ray Liotta in the movie), author Bill Bonanno (son of crime boss Joe Bonanno), and Cindy DiBernardo (whose father, a Gambino crime family member, was whacked by Sammy ”The Bull” Gravano). Other guests will include ”Sopranos” actors Vincent Pastore (”Big Pussy”) and Steve Schirripa (”Bobby Bacala”)….

”Office Space” star Ron Livingston moves into a much more glamorous workspace this fall as a new costar on ABC’s ”The Practice.” He’ll be the new guy in the district attorney’s office, replacing Jason Kravits, whose character was killed near the end of last season. So he’ll be a new coworker of Lara Flynn Boyle‘s — and eventually more than that, no doubt.

REEL DEALS Ready for another big-screen remake of a ’60s TV series too cultish for young audiences to remember? In the tradition of ”The Avengers” and ”The Mod Squad,” Miramax is adapting ”Honey West,” a detective series that ran for one season (1965-’66) and starred Anne Francis as a sexy sleuth with a pet ocelot. Reese Witherspoon will star in the movie….

Friday the 13th may be an unlucky day for Witherspoon if a consumer advocate group has its way. The group,, is protesting the price of movie tickets and cinema snacks by calling for a one-day ”National Ticket Picket” tomorrow. ”By collectively boycotting movie theatres for one day, we can send a clear united message to Hollywood that we shouldn’t have to spend $10 for a movie ticket [as you do in New York now] and $3 for a box of popcorn,” organizers say. Of course, if the boycott works, it could seriously hurt the weekend grosses of movies opening this weekend, including Witherspoon’s ”Legally Blonde” and Edward Norton‘s ”The Score.” Picket organizers issued an advance apology to the two actors. ”We hope they don’t take this personally.”

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