By William Keck
Updated July 13, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

For her anticipated screen return, Cher hopes to turn back time and snag Brendan Fraser as her leading man. The Oscar winner, now 55, wants the 32-year-old Mummy chaser to costar in her update of 1924’s The Enchanted Cottage, which she also plans to direct. ”I just love him,” she says. (The movie would be the second remake of the Richard Barthelmess-May McAvoy silent film; Robert Young appeared with Dorothy McGuire in 1945’s version.) ”The man is younger and plain-looking; the woman is a [singer] who gets in an accident and can’t perform,” explains Cher. ”She doesn’t want to see anybody, so she goes to this small town and learns from this young guy.” No word from Fraser on playing an ugly guy, but if you believe in life after love, anything’s possible.