By EW Staff
Updated July 13, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

As Tomb Raider Lara Croft, Angelina Jolie’s most devastating weapon may be her lips. ”I want to compliment Firooz Zahedi on the jaw-droppingly gorgeous cover photo [#600, June 15]. Those lips are burned in my memory forever,” writes Patrick Williams of Chicago. Some readers tore themselves away from the cover long enough to actually read the article. ”I was so happy to read a story that took the opportunity to present some new insight into this talented woman,” says Shannon Massieu of Clearwater Beach, Fla. Also leaving an imprint was Nicholas Fonseca’s Passions profile. ”Could it be that my favorite magazine and my favorite soap are finally on the same wavelength?” asks Doug Bush of Halifax. Yes, passionately so.

Lips on Our Radar

Thanks for the article on Angelina Jolie. In this politically correct world, it’s refreshing and rare to read about someone who is honest — consequences or no. Being truthful is risky because people often are afraid of what they don’t understand. I think she’s very brave. I have a new hero, and it isn’t Lara Croft — it’s Angelina Jolie. JULIE RIGANATI Wyndmoor, Pa.

I just finished reading my copy of issue No. 600. Looking at the cover photo and the pictures [inside], I have just one thing to say: Billy Bob Thornton is the luckiest man in the world. MIKE CURTIS West Orange, N.J.

I’m a red-blooded gay male, yet I definitely understand why the issue featuring the almost inexplicably gorgeous Angelina Jolie was stolen from my mailbox. She is fierce! B. WESLEY HEATH New York City

Benjamin Svetkey suggested that Angelina Jolie ”could become the biggest female action star since Sigourney Weaver.” I have to ask: What about Buffy, Dark Angel, Xena, and La Femme Nikita? Doesn’t TV count? JOHN HANSEN Fargo, N.D.

Angelina Jolie is absolute perfection on this week’s cover of EW. How about a ”Sexiest Lips in Hollywood” competition between Angelina and Jeri Ryan? Who would be the winner? EW readers, of course! GREG VARESCO Avon Lake, Ohio

I know Angelina Jolie was born with those lips (presumably), but does she have to use them in such an insufferably haughty manner? Yecch! Pull in the reins on those lips, lady! GREG MARRINER Walnut Creek, Calif.

Race Cards

I felt compelled to write and tell you that as a production assistant, I was appalled at the behavior displayed by Martin Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence has not only achieved a large salary (and ego to boot) from the hard work of PAs but failed to recognize their importance. I blame the chickenhearted director and executives who allow his behavior to continue. Shame on them! DANA DISCORDIA New York City

How dare Sam Weisman speak on the issue of race in Hollywood and what is expected of the ”black man”? Certainly, I appreciated him being a voice of reason in an article that presented a very skewed version of Lawrence. However, it is sad that an actor can achieve the $20 million threshold and still not be respected just for his craft. Was it really necessary to inject race into an already excessively negative article? And if indeed race is behind negative publicity such as EW’s article, would someone please let Lawrence know what is expected of him (being black and all) so this man can get some love in the media? SOROYA BRANTLEY Bronx, N.Y.