It may, but Caroline Kepnes worries that no one can take the place of Big in Ms. Bradshaw's heart -- or in the viewers'

By Caroline Kepnes
Updated July 03, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Will the Carrie – Aidan reunion last?

Getting ready to watch ”Sex and the City” is like preparing for the Fourth of July festivities. You know there are going to be fireworks, but how good are they going to be? In this week’s episode, Samantha stole the show, despite the Carrie/ Aidan dramatics. Whether pouting over Miranda’s temporary success with the plastic nipples or touting the wonders of Internet porn, Samantha is simply more fabulous than ever — as opposed to Carrie, whose insecurity is rising to Mirandan heights.

Have you ever seen Miss Bradshaw so nervous? Like a runner-up homecoming queen, she can’t even make it through a ”faux” call without biting her lip or widening those mascara laden eyes. Cool it, girl! Even when she was at her worst with Big, she seemed stronger than she does now. And that’s largely why we’re so anti-Aidan. All this flustered, prank call, ”I miss you” stuff would be fine if they’d just met, but at this point, we think she’d be wiser to sell the overstuffed chair and go back to chumming it up with Big — not, mind you, going back to bed with him. When it comes to this Aidan business, we don’t get it.

Lucky for us, he finally got a chance to show that he’s not quite as passive as a leather ottoman. When Carrie confronted him in all her off beat, sultry, debutante desperation to pleeeeese give it another shot, he shouted four words that rocked his character to the next level: ”You broke my heart!” Now we’re not ones to sob at ATT long distance commercials, but we had a lump in my throat and an urge to high five whichever writer finally made Aidan get mad rather than just tear up and slink off screen. We so badly needed to see him act like a man, even if it did happen while we were preoccupied with that silly shirt.

But we don’t see it working between Carrie and Aidan because they’re always going to be haunted by the dynamics of their first date. Carrie became a self loathing liar who pretended to be an interior designer/ part time smoker of Marlboro lights, while Aidan got to be his freespirited yet predictable self. Sure, he’s a hottie, and Carrie’s gotten through the ”other woman” phase, but if you ask us, they’re gonna take that dog for a walk and wind up right back in the same place.

No matter how many custom made loveseats Aidan designs, we will always have a soft spot for ”Big.” And we think Carrie will too. Didn’t you just want to scream when she flung those cigarettes and cried out ”no more bad habits”? Carrie, honey, if you have the habits when you meet him — whether it’s being old fashioned or chain smoking — chances are they’re not gonna go away just because you get the guy.

BUT we wuvved da way Samanfa’s stick-on nipples attracted a baby talking, titty witty sucking MBA. We liked the ”which came first” discussion of sexual trends. Does one bigmouth guy perpetuate a rumor, or are there millions of women who really do like ”anus lingus” but just keep it under the sheets? It’s amazing that even in the fourth season, the writers are able to stir up fresh sex talk.

On the flip side, we hate when they get lazy with the Char/ Trey marriage trip. Haven’t we seen the whole ”we wanted kids till we saw our friends’ kids” thing like a million times already? In all, the whole ”dinner party gone awry” was so not alrighty. It seems the writers had stage fright when it came to dealing with babies, which makes us want to tell them they just need to watch the infamous baby shower episode from Season 1 for inspiration. That, or just let Samantha hang around them more often, so she can dish out more one word responses like ”Why?” to such announcements as ”We’re going to have a baby!” Brilliant.

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