Even at home, reports new wife Drew Barrymore

By William Keck
June 29, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Tom Green: Ed Geller/Retna

Is film and TV shockmeister Tom Green (”Freddy Got Fingered”) completely prank-free off camera? Not so much, says wife Drew Barrymore. ”The other night we were in bed and Tom said, ‘Oh, my God! There’s something in the bed!”’ recalls the ”Charlie’s Angels” star. ”There was a rat in our bed, but Tom caught it in the blanket and made me touch the lump. It was hard, so I started screaming. He had it trapped and told me to run and get the trash can. So here I was, running around hysterically, looking for a trash can. As he was trying to shove the lump in the trash, I realized, of course, there was no rat. He was just making it all up.” Well, that’s one way to have fun in bed.