June 29, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

AGE ”I’m actually 76,” says the upstart bit player in DreamWorks’ computer-animated smash Shrek. ”I was baked back in 1925 as a Christmas gift and shared a tin with a fruitcake for years…an unpleasant memory I’d prefer not to discuss.” WHY HIS VOICE IS SO HIGH ”I am, as Howard Stern says, hung like a raisin — literally.” ON WORKING WITH JOHN LITHGOW Despite the reciprocal torture pictured here, Gingy has nothing but respect for his Shrek costar, the actor behind gumdrop-yanking Lord Farquaad. ”What can I say about John…he was a real treat. We really fed off of each other, so to speak — he a little more than I.” COOKIE NOOKY ”I used to date Little Debbie until I found out she was a real Ho Ho. I’m currently seeing a Pop-Tart, though I’m reluctant to say what flavor.” WORK HABITS Between takes, ”I like to get laid on a cookie sheet.” BEAUTY SECRET To stay soft and supple, Gingy sleeps in a Tupperware container. WOULDN’T BE HERE WITHOUT ”My Lord and Baker, Julia Child. Amen.” NEXT ”DreamWorks and I are negotiating my contract stipulations for the Shrek sequel. You want the man, you gotta grease the pan, if you know what I mean.”

89 minutes
Andrew Adamson,
Victoria Jenson
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