By EW Staff
June 29, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

We asked celebs to play the porn name game, in which you pair the name of your first pet with the street that you grew up on. Here’s the skinny on their skin-flick pseudonyms:

— MEGAN MULLALLY (Will & Grace) ”Taffy Huntington — but my actual porn-star name was something different. You’ll have to do the research.”

— RITA WILSON ”Tom [Hanks, her hubby] and I figured this out once. I’m Frisky Wilson — I actually lived on Wilson.”

— JERI RYAN ”Dolly Daytona. With Voyager ending, I may have to use that.”

— TERI POLO (Meet the Parents) ”Sasha Sackarackin — and I’ve got the rack for it, right?”

— CHERI OTERI (SNL) ”Katt Ardmore. I had a dog named Katt, who was the town ho-bag. She had five litters of puppies.”

— SHANNON ELIZABETH (American Pie 2) ”Angel Valley Crest. I should use that when I stay in hotels.”

— RAY ROMANO ”I know this is hard to believe, but it’s Penny Big Crotch. I lived on Big Crotch Avenue.”

— RACHEL GRIFFITHS (Six Feet Under) ”Mine’s really embarrassing: Fudgy Coronation. It’s got bad connotations.”

— ELLEN DeGENERES ”I lived with my dog Happy on Herring Road, so I’d be Happy Herring. Wow, I think I win!”

— DON CHEADLE (Swordfish) ”I have one. Buck Swope [in Boogie Nights] will forever be my porno name.”

— ORLANDO JONES (Evolution) ”Spade French. That’s a good one. Pimpin’ ain’t easy.”

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”I’d probably just use my own name.” — You Don’t Know Jack’s PAUL REUBENS, who built his career as Pee-wee Herman, on his porn-star name