By EW Staff
Updated June 29, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

ICE HOTEL QUEBEC-CANADA Like its counterpart in Sweden, but a hell of a lot closer, this 30,000-square-foot getaway made entirely of ice and snow is a big bucket of water right now, but will be the coolest getaway come winter.

DAMONE ROBERTS’ CHAIR AT THE SAGER FRENCH SALON (LOS ANGELES) L.A. gang wars have nothing on the battle of the eyebrow waxers. A former protege of brow diva Anastasia, the kinder, gentler Roberts is the new waxer in demand, shaping the arches of Lara Flynn Boyle, Madonna, and Kirstie Alley.

REAL FOOD DAILY (LOS ANGELES) The organic, vegan restaurant sounds about as appetizing as a big bowl of tempeh (which they serve), but Kristen Johnston, Andy Dick, and Tobey Maguire swear by it.

ANTHONY BENENATI’S CLASS AT CITY YOGA (LOS ANGELES) See Gina Gershon, Amanda Peet, Jamie Kennedy, Leonor Varela, and countless industry execs perfect their downward dogs.

SCORES (NEW YORK CITY) Howard Stern visiting a strip club, sure. But suddenly Julianna Margulies, Ron Eldard, and Gwyneth Paltrow are soaking up the lap-dance atmosphere too.

CLERKENWELL, LONDON The next Notting Hill could be this former industrial neighborhood, thanks to being chosen as the location for the film version of Nick Hornby’s About a Boy (starring Hugh Grant, of course).

YEFIM SHUBENTSOV’S OFFICE This Massachusetts-based master of ”bioenergetics” (read: no formal medical training) is where agents and their clients — Drew Barrymore, Courteney Cox Arquette — fly to kick nicotine addiction.

HUGO BOSS’ FIFTH AVENUE STORE (NEW YORK CITY) Clothing is beside the point thanks to Boss’ flagship store, featuring an art exhibition space, Internet cafe-bar, and stargazing: Actress Meg Ryan attended the store’s opening; director Sydney Pollack and Donovan Leitch are the boldfaced names ”shopping” there.

BACARA RESORT & SPA’S PRESIDENTIAL RESIDENCE (SANTA BARBARA, CALIF.) The two-story, 3,500-square-foot house at this decadent resort sets you back $5,000 a night — no problem for Debra Messing, whose entire wedding party spent her wedding weekend there.

HAWTHORNE PLAZA MALL (SUBURBAN LOS ANGELES) The vacant shopping plaza has become a veritable soundstage; both Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report and Ivan Reitman’s Evolution were shot there.

KRAV MAGA NATIONAL TRAINING CENTER (LOS ANGELES) The Israeli self-defense and fighting system has kicked the butts of Shannon Elizabeth and Jennifer Lopez, who hired instructor Wade Allen to teach her to fight for Michael Apted’s Enough.

SPACE Now that Dennis Tito bought his way in, outer space is sure to be the East Hampton of 2050. We hear Alec Baldwin is already looking for a house.



OFFICE #557.1, A.K.A. ”THE LOVE LOUNGE,” AT PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS (EMERYVILLE, CALIF.) Animator Andrew Gordon (far left, with Pete Docter) turned his office’s A/C access area into a swingin’ clubhouse a la Being John Malkovich: You’ve got to crawl to enter the four-person-max chamber, wherein there’s a mini-bottle wet bar and fab decor. Top Disney honchos (they’re Pixar partners) have crept in, among them Roy D. himself and Michael Eisner.