By EW Staff
June 29, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT


JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL With a much-buzzed-about film version of his hit stage show Hedwig and the Angry Inch (which he wrote, directed, and stars in), Mitchell has added length, breadth, and girth to what could have been an Off Broadway flash in the pants.

PACIFIC DATA IMAGES Could the digitoon house behind Shrek morph into the next Pixar?

JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER With her piquant blend of brains and brass, the actress behind crime boss Tony Soprano’s barely legal daughter Meadow has a growing fan-mob going to the mattresses for her.

DIMENSION FILMS Once considered the redheaded stepchild of Miramax, Bob Weinstein’s shingle has not one but two new franchises to pick up where Scream — its bread-and-butter horror trilogy — left off: this summer’s Scary Movie 2 and the sequel-ready surprise hit Spy Kids.

LUKE WILSON Gotta give it up for a guy who made aw-shucks charm hip again with a bit role (opposite Cameron Diaz) in Charlie’s Angels. Next seen in Legally Blonde and The Royal Tenenbaums — co-penned by thesp brother Owen (Meet the Parents) — Luke’s proving Tinseltown’s big enough for two Texan cutups.


MICHAEL DE LUCA As his former employer, New Line, enacts damage control for some of his high-profile flops, the exec blamed for Town & Country is now ensconced as head of production at DreamWorks.

MR. T Pity the fool who thinks the born-again ex-A-Teamer is no more than the sum of his Lipton and 1-800-COLLECT commercials.

PAUL REUBENS Blow’s scene-stealer finally leaves Pee-wee behind, building a new persona this summer as Troy Stevens, the host of (no snickering, please) You Don’t Know Jack, a TV version of the popular computer game-show airing on ABC.

CHARLOTTE RAMPLING Fifty-five years on earth and 36 in showbiz haven’t dimmed the Brit’s star, as recent art-house standouts Under the Sand and Signs & Wonders aptly prove.


THE FARRELLY BROTHERS Me, Myself & Irene wasn’t the hit it should have been. Say It Isn’t So was exactly the flop it seemed to be. Whither the Stiller-seed of yesteryear?

SURVIVOR When ”make your own idol” passes for a nail-biting climax and Pontiac Azteks are being touted as big prizes, it’s time to start asking where Survivor will be buried.

JAMES VAN DER BEEK Dude, haven’t you heard? The strike was averted. You might want to try, I dunno, acting in a movie. How many Super Bowls have elapsed since the Dawson’s Creeker’s turn in Varsity Blues?

FREDDIE PRINZE JR. Boys and Girls. Head Over Heels. Down to You. Too few hits. Pray for Scooby-Doo.

EDWARD BURNS More McMullen-ish fare with Sidewalks of New York — because, you know, She’s the One and No Looking Back did so well. And 15 Minutes was gone in 60 seconds.

HEATHER GRAHAM Next up she’ll play a prostitute, then an adult film star. Really stretching her legs, that Heather. May we suggest a roller-skating nun?