By EW Staff
June 29, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

”[W]hen I got offered the part I was told that’s who this girl is and it’s not negotiable to be taken out. So any actress, whether it be me or someone else, had to play the part as she was written. So I did. It’s a choice that one makes.” Swordfish’s HALLE BERRY on her topless scene in the film, on Mr. Showbiz

”I thought it was shockingly white. Actually, Julianne [Moore] said the same thing, but I could tell she loved it. Anyway, if we do a sequel, Orlando [Jones] is going to do the same thing. It’ll be the dark side of the moon.” Evolution’s DAVID DUCHOVNY on first seeing his bare butt on the big screen, on E! Online