Justine Elias says the highlights included Puck, naked Teck, and the Slap heard round Seattle

By Justine Elias
June 25, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
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EW.com rates ”The Real World” reunion

There’s no way MTV’s Real World 10th Anniversary Reunion Special could cover everything — nine sets of roommates, from New York to New Orleans, were on the invite list. Here’s EW.com’s guide to the show’s highlights.

TOO MUCH Puck. The producers gave the snot-rocketeer far too much time to dis his fellow Real Worlders. (”Neil’s band was HORRIBLE! How can he get onstage and DO that to himself?”) When it was time for the group photo, Puck threw a supermodel-style snit fit, and had to be soothed by his mother. Sorry, Puck, you are not, as you say, ”the king of reality TV.” However, the little dog he brought along with him was awfully cute.

NOT ENOUGH Catching up with the missing or little seen. Why did Lars (London) say that he’d never recommend doing ”Real World”? Why did we hear so little from the melodramatic Hawaiians, Kaia, Amaya, and Colin? Was there no time for Dominic (Los Angeles) to tell us, just one more time, that he was, in fact, from Ireland — and therefore was observing this whole spectacle from a lofty perch?

SLAP HAPPY Blame the viewers, not MTV. The best ”Real World” moment was not the Slap Heard Round Seattle, when Steven popped Irene in the face and tossed her teddy bear into the water. That ended up No. 2. No. 1 was that stupid sex in the shower incident from Miami. For the record, you couldn’t see anything. Move along.

VIRGINS UNITE! Julie (New Orleans), Jon (Los Angeles), and Elka (Boston) assembled for a Christian confab, talking about their struggles to maintain their virginity both on and off camera. In a priceless aside, Jon — who now looks like a portly retiree — opines that of all the Real Worlders, he’s probably changed the least. Hey, even virgins have to look in the mirror once in a while.

FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES Who, besides viewers 12-25, loves ”The Real World”? People in stripes! Both Pam (San Francisco), a doctor who’s done work in a Bay Area psychiatric lockup, and Irene (L.A.), a county sheriff, say they’re frequently recognized by prisoners — including Puck, who gave a shout-out to Irene when he was jailed in L.A.

WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS? Julie (New York) didn’t show up because she was pregnant, but Neil (London) and his girlfriend (No, not Chrys, the chick who sent him a pig’s heart with a nail through it for Valentine’s Day) arrived with their tiny daughter, Scarlett. Sean (Boston) and Rachel (San Francisco) produced Evita, the first all-”Real World” baby.

MOST MISSED Pedro Zamora (San Francisco), probably the only cast member whose motive for going on the show was utterly selfless — he was HIV-positive and dying, and he wanted to educate young people about AIDS in the short time he had left. Shortly before his death in 1994, he asked a poignant question: ”Who is going to continue my fight?” (Dr. Pam does HIV and AIDS outreach and education.)

SADDEST MOMENT The reunion’s cohost Eric Nies told Melissa that after breaking into show business with stints on MTV’s ”The Grind,” he signed with a manager who ripped him off to the tune of $250,000, leaving him bereft and suicidal. Now that his brief fame has faded, his post-”Real World” story sounds like a grim real world ordeal that deserves a documentary of its own.

What were your favorite moments from the Reunion — and what do you wish they had included?

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