A weekly spin on the Web

By Noah Robischon
June 22, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

SEX SECRETS A downside to living in the big city: It’s dirty. But you’d never know it from HBO’s latest ”Sex and the City” site (hbo.com/city), which features fail-safe brunch tips, a bar guide, and a fashion show in a nearly spotless New York. For ”Sex”’s grittier side, visit E! Online (eonline.com), where psychic Miss Cleo, columnist Dan Savage, and the ”Playboy Advisor” offer unsanitized analyses of characters Carrie and Co.

RAW SHOTS Sony is putting unedited footage from an upcoming release on the Web and asking visitors to guess which film it’s from (spe.sony. com/movies/dailies). If the experiment is successful, more dailies will be added to the lineup. For now, there’s just one clip, featuring a pair of panting teens making out in a hallway. Raw, indeed.

SOMETHING FISHY If you haven’t yet cracked the password to gain access to the secret area of the ”Swordfish” site (operationswordfish.com), send an AOL Instant Message to Gabrielshear (played by John Travolta). The goal is to collect all 10 key codes — only one of which is revealed in the movie.