Plus, Vin Diesel is up for a juicy role in ''T3,'' and more

By Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
June 22, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Christina Ricci: Tricia Meadows/Globe Photos

GUY TALK In adapting his play, ”I Know You Are, But What Am I?”, into the Lions Gate film ”All Over the Guy” (Aug. 24), writer-actor Dan Bucatinsky changed the story of a neurotic man and his girlfriend into a relationship between two guys, says Bucatinsky, ”because I thought a straight screenplay would get lost in a sea of romantic comedies. A friend said no matter what, when you make a gay-themed movie you have a built-in audience, which is the curse with a film like this, and the blessing.” Bucatinsky’s boyfriend, director Don Roos (”The Opposite of Sex”), executive-produced the movie, which is directed by Julie Davis (”I Love You…Don’t Touch Me!”); Christina Ricci and Lisa Kudrow, whom Bucatinsky met while acting in ”Sex,” appear alongside Bucatinsky, Sasha Alexander, and Adam Goldberg.

DIESEL FUELS UP In other gender-bending news: We can’t say we’ve ever read a part for a woman and thought, Oh! Growly badass Vin Diesel would be perfect for this! But that just shows our limitations. We hear that Jonathan Mostow (”U-571”) has a far more open mind: The director, who is on board to shoot ”Terminator 3” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently met with Diesel to discuss casting the rising action star opposite Ahnuld — even though the role is currently scripted for a female. Diesel, whose car-racing adventure ”The Fast and the Furious” comes out June 22, would tackle ”T3” next.

SLY NEWS Sylvester Stallone is pining to direct ”Driven 2” (we must have missed the avalanche of ”popular demand” for that particular follow-up), but he says first he’d like to tackle ”an ambitious project that deals with a historical event.” Maybe he’s up for a ”Rambo” sequel after all…”

(Additional reporting by William Keck)