Get with the latest Hollywood lingo

By EW Staff
Updated June 22, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

SWORD-DISH (n.) The use of nudity to prod ticket sales for an otherwise unremarkable flick (see a topless Halle Berry in ”Swordfish”).

CAN-CAN’T (v.) To use classic-rock tunes in costume dramas in a transparent bid to appeal to popcorn-chewing mall rats (a la Nicole Kidman’s ”Moulin Rouge” and Heath Ledger’s ”A Knight’s Tale”).

SHREKING BALL (n.) A big green monster who destroys the Magic Kingdom’s domination of movie ‘toons.

DEJA CRUE (n.) A headache brought on by the sudden reappearance of metal acts long thought finished (e.g., summer tours of Pantera and Black Sabbath and a new book on Motley Crue).

ANIMAL FARM (n.) A place where ex-Survivor Colleen Haskell can raise a cash crop.

JE NE SAIS OZ (n.) The ineffable appeal of those hunks from Down Under.

BOOBISM (n.) The belief that in a celebrity girlfriend, a large chest is better than talent (see Kid Rock choosing Pamela Anderson over Sheryl Crow).

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”It’s easy to get worried about how you will look, especially when you are naked.” — BEN AFFLECK, who keeps his pants on in ”Pearl Harbor,” on love scenes