The rappers costar in ''The Wash''

By Chris Willman
Updated June 18, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg
Credit: Snoop and Dr. Dre Illustration by Chris Pyle
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SOAP DISH In the tradition of Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Martin & Lewis, Farley & Spade, Shaq & Bryant, and other comedy duos comes…Dogg & Dre? That’s right: After years of cinematic cameos, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre are taking on their first movie leads — jointly — in ”The Wash,” a comedy that just wrapped in L.A. for Lions Gate.

Writer-director DJ Pooh — who broke into movies by cowriting the hit ”Friday” — is a longtime musical collaborator with the pair. ”Pooh is part of our family,” says Snoop. ”He wrote the right script where me and Dre could actually walk into the roles without really having to bend ourselves.” You may or may not call it typecasting, but the buddy comedy has Dre as the stable, serious, ambitious one and Snoop as his more laid-back, dope-dealing roommate. Both these car wash employees get uptight when boss George Wallace is kidnapped; Eminem shot a cameo as a ”disgruntled former employee” the washers believe may be the abductor.

Should Martin Lawrence watch his back? ”I’m probably better at drama,” admits Dre. ”I don’t think I’m funny at all. But Pooh’s arranging it so I’m just in funny situations.” The film will come out in October — too bad for hip-hop fans, because ”we were actually thinking about having the soundtrack be me and Snoop’s reunion album,” says Dre. ”But we won’t have time for that, because that’s a six-month job.” Fans will get three or four new Dogg-Dre hookups on the soundtrack, anyway; sadly, none of these will be a remake of a certain 1976 Rose Royce hit.

The Wash

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  • 94 minutes
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