June 15, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

THE TRUTH IS…MY LIFE IN LOVE AND MUSIC Melissa Etheridge (Villard, $24.95, on sale June 19) The rock & roll star goes behind the music in this tell-all about her Kansas roots, rocky relationships, and, yes, David Crosby.

THE FOURTH HAND John Irving (Random House, $26.95, on sale July 3) The author of A Prayer for Owen Meany and The Cider House Rules returns with a novel about a newsman with a missing appendage.

UP IN THE AIR Walter Kirn (Doubleday, $23.95, on sale July 3) Kirn’s follow-up to his debut novel, Thumbsucker, revolves around a middle-aged man fixated on racking up one million miles on his frequent flyer account.

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