June 15, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

For a critic whose short career was marked by questionable taste — he loved Hollow Man and A Knight’s Tale — Dave Manning of Connecticut’s Ridgefield Press won’t soon be forgotten. He was just exposed as a phony, a total fabrication by Sony Pictures, which ran ads quoting his raves for Sony fare like The Animal: ”Another winner!” (Moans Mark Schumann, a real critic published in the Press: ”We can’t even get a press kit.”) A Sony rep cops to ”very bad judgment” and vows ”action will be taken” against the unnamed culprit. Thus inspired, we asked veteran critics — and one faker — to review the studio’s latest drama. Can you spot the bogus blurb?

”Heroic! A fake quote whore takes the pressure off real


”Heroic! A fake quote whore takes the pressure off real junketeers!” ROGER EBERT, Chicago Sun-Times A

”I never heard of him!…And I enjoyed The Animal!” TIM WASSBERG, Inside Reel B

”It’s the feel-duped story of the year!” RICHARD ROEPER, Chicago Sun-Times C

”I laughed and I cried! The whole ordeal…is simply shocking!” RYAN WALKER, Philadelphia News D

”The whole system is sick and twisted!” GARY COGILL, WFAA-TV Dallas E


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