Bill, Hal, Andy, and Homer all made the list

By EW Staff
June 14, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Laura Linney: Chris Ashford/CameraPress/Retna

With Father’s Day around the corner, we popped this question: Who’s your favorite TV dad?

CARSON DALY ”Herman Munster [Fred Gwynne]. He used to get so excited that he’d stomp his feet and make the house shake. That’s fatherly love.”

STEVEN WEBER (”The Weber Show”) ”Fred Sanford [Redd Foxx]. He reminds me of me: I have constant heart attacks, I get my son to do everything for me, I have an Aunt Esther, and I live in a junkyard.”

RACHAEL LEIGH COOK (”Josie and the Pussycats”) ”Bill Cosby, because of the sweaters.”

ORLANDO JONES (”Evolution”) ”Mr. B [Don DeFore] from ‘Hazel.’ He was a cool white guy with a black dude’s name. Whattup, Mr. B?”

MARGARET CHO ”Robert Reed, Mr. Brady. Because of that perm. It was full, large, and vibrant, like a halo.”

TIMOTHY BOTTOMS (”That’s My Bush!”) ”Fred MacMurray from ‘My Three Sons.’ Once I was on a flight to New Zealand and his wife fainted in my arms. I resuscitated her and Fred said, ‘You did a good job, son.”’

JENNIFER JASON LEIGH (”The Anniversary Party”) ”Fred Flintstone, just ’cause he was a big, funny dad.”

CHARLIZE THERON ”I love all the dads on ‘Dallas.”’

ROSARIO DAWSON (”Sidewalks of New York”) ”Homer Simpson, because he stuffs crayons up his nose. He has those endearing moments where you see how much he loves his kids and wife, but he’s such an idiot.”

TOM ARNOLD ”Roseanne, no, no…Andy Griffith. He was a single father, and so was mine.”

FRANKIE MUNIZ ”Truthfully, Hal [Bryan Cranston] from ‘Malcolm in the Middle.’ He’s sort of scared to be a dad, which makes him cool.”

ELLEN DeGENERES ”Mike Brady. He was always at a drafting table, which seemed very dad-like.”

LUCY LAWLESS (”Xena: Warrior Princess”) ”George Costanza’s father on ‘Seinfeld’ [Jerry Stiller]. He was so truthful.”

JASON ALEXANDER (”Seinfeld”) ”I liked all the single dads, like Bill Bixby on ‘The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.’ Now, that’s your dream dad right there.”

LAURA LINNEY (”You Can Count on Me”) ”Without a doubt, Bill Bixby. He loved his son. You could just see it.”

Who are your favorite TV dads?