Who needs flesh-and-blood actresses when you've got digibabes?

By Hugh Hart
June 08, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

Here’s a scary question for Screen Actors Guild members contemplating a summer strike: Who needs actors when you’ve got virtual thespians? Sure, it’s nice to see Angelina Jolie fleshing out game girl Lara Croft in ”Tomb Raider” (June 15), but why not go the other way? Deprived of real actresses to cast as digital chicks, studios just might want to use computer-generated babes to replace real actresses. It’s already happening: Consider Aki Ross, the pixel-based beauty who fights wicked aliens in ”Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” (July 11). Hatched by videogame auteur Hironobu Sakaguchi, the e-diva boasts unprecedented humanlike detail, and she’s sooo cooperative. Pose in a barely there bikini to hype the film? No prob. Fantasy producer Chris Lee says Sakaguchi has big plans: ”He wants to put her in another movie, but as a totally different character, as you would a human actress. The idea isn’t to re-create movie stars per se, but to create our own movie stars.” Our Strike Contingency Guide to Web warrior-vixens most likely to succeed on screen:

AYA BREA (squaresoft.com/web/games/PE2/world.html) This blond FBI crime fighter from the ”Parasite Eve 2” videogame takes on neo-mitochondrian creatures (for those who slept through biology class, mitochondria are the building blocks of life) that have mutated and are spreading really fast. Yikes! Whom She’ll Swipe Parts From: Cameron Diaz, Julia Stiles Cast Her in Sequel to: ”Men in Black”

JOANNA DARK (perfectdark.com) Our heroine from online game ”Perfect Dark” faces a predicament: Earth is on the verge of ”horrifyingly painful annihilation.” Her mission is to infiltrate a greedy corporation and sabotage its conspiracy with extraterrestrials. Whom She’ll Swipe Parts From: ”Run Lola Run”’s Franka Potente, ”Bring It On”’s Eliza Dushku Cast Her in Sequel to: ”Alien Resurrection”

ANANOVA (ananova.com) As host of a British online news site, this dour cyberanchor does okay with breaking news. But Ana might want to work on the painfully forced smile that wrinkles her face every time she has to recite the fluffier headlines. Whom She’ll Swipe Parts From: CNN’s Andrea Thompson, ”Weakest Link”’s Anne Robinson Cast Her in Sequel to: ”Broadcast News”

FIRIONA VIE (everqueststation.sony.com) Outfitted in cape and harem outfit, Firiona, from online game ”EverQuest,” comes across like a medieval milkmaid who works out a lot. Lance in hand, she battles her way through distant planets populated with ogres, gnomes, and cat people. Whom She’ll Swipe Parts From: Lucy Lawless, Christina Applegate Cast Her in Sequel to: ”Dungeons & Dragons,” ”Lord of the Rings”

WEBBIE TOOKAY (www.illusion 2k.com) No stiffer than other supermodels who’ve tried to act, the Elite Models’ virtual spokesbabe with the humongous smile and spiffy promotional site recently signed a deal with Sony Records Latin America to join a computer-spawned girl group. Whom She’ll Swipe Parts From: Cindy Crawford, Mariah Carey Cast Her in Sequel to: ”The Wedding Planner”

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