June 08, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

After ”The Mummy Returns,” it was beginning to look like we’d have a relatively bloodless summer. For all its rock & roll lancing, ”A Knight’s Tale” offered just a single fatality — and that was from a heart attack. There were two more deaths in Jennifer Lopez’s ”Angel Eyes” (from a car crash) and one in Nicole Kidman’s ”Moulin Rouge” (from consumption). Believe it or not, the PG-rated ”Shrek” coughed up two corpses for the summer body count: One went poof by spontaneous combustion, while another became dragon kibble. Now, as expected, the blockbuster war epic ”Pearl Harbor” has raised the stakes. EW managed to tally 173 casualties — and those are just the ones we could see on screen — from gunfire, explosions, and drowning. All of which brings us to a running total of 256 for the summer so far. And Angelina Jolie hasn’t even begun raiding those tombs yet.

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