By EW Staff
June 08, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

A certain Material Girl once sang, ”Music makes the people come together.” If only that were true. For every complimentary letter we got about our music issue (#596, May 18), there was one accusing us of overlooking someone. The artists with the most vocal fans were Depeche Mode, whose new album and tour went unmentioned. ”They sold out two shows in two hours. How many acts could accomplish that?” challenged Eric D. Smith of Canyon Country, Calif. But fans of Dave Matthews Band and ‘N Sync had nothing to complain about as the groups split cover-photo honors. DMB followers were especially grateful: Michele Davis of Newport News, Va., wrote, ”I thought I was delivered the wrong magazine.”

Dave Matters

In summer, there are three things a girl can count on: sandals, bikini waxes, and Dave Matthews Band’s tour. This year, due to the Evil Concert-Planning Gods, I was forced to see the guys in Houston — and managed to drag an uninitiated friend with me. By far, this was the greatest show I’ve seen of theirs (out of five). How did my friend fare, you may ask? He ranked it as the best concert he’d ever seen and hopes to mine the earlier works of this great band and daddy-to-be. LISA MEJIA Kansas City, Mo.

As someone who saves every spare cent to see Dave Matthews Band, I am often asked, ”Why would you want to see the same concert over and over?” I think I may now just hand out your article and save my breath. Thank you for telling the world what thousands of us already know…that DMB is the ”Best of What’s Around.” CAYCE FOURNIER Hammond, La.

We were robbed! after you devoted two covers to this season’s ratings winner, Survivor, I expected to see Tina and Colby on this week’s cover. At the very least, a solo picture of Tina with ”we told you so” printed across her mug. But no…you saved the cover for Dave Matthews Band. How could you! Tina deserves the cover, and we deserve more than two and three quarters pages on Survivor. I can only assume that after hearing DMB’s last album, you decided they were the true survivors. KAREN PACE Gaylord, Mich.

‘Wind,’ Lose, or Draw

The victim in ”Wind Storm” (Essay) is not Alice Randall, but rather author Margaret Mitchell, who published her book Gone With the Wind 65 years ago and, having died in 1949, cannot speak for herself. With The Wind Done Gone Randall has blatantly tried to hitchhike on another author’s successful work in order to benefit herself. And if the court allows Houghton Mifflin to orchestrate a successful attack on laws that protect all creative endeavors, it will be a devastating and irreparable blow to the creative community. TOM HEYES Hollywood

Tony Baloney

I am so tired of the media trying to qualify theatrical productions by touting which Hollywood stars are in them. Your sidebar in the ”Mel’s Moment” article was a shameful display of shallowness. Last year’s Tony Awards included a musical number about which TV stars had once been on Broadway. As if theater has no merit on its own. In case people have forgotten, theater is a medium that has been around a lot longer than film and television. Furthermore, theater and film acting are two very different things, and just because someone may be good on film means nothing about how they’ll fare on a stage. If you want to go stargazing, go buy a ticket to Letterman. Let’s give the theater the respect it deserves. DAISY EAGAN Brooklyn