What features do women want most? Start with Winona's eyes ...

By Caroline Kepnes
Updated June 08, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

What do women want? Jennifer Lopez’s cheekbones. This according to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Richard W. Fleming, who tracks the celebrities whose facial features his patients most want to copy. Fleming also reports that Nicole Kidman wins by a nose for her sniffer, Winona Ryder’s eyes are the prize, and Uma Thurman inspires a lot of lip service. Chin up, Halle Berry, women want your, uh, chin. (Below the chin, Fleming reports that the heavenly bodies of Elizabeth Hurley and Salma Hayek are the most admired.) Inspired by these pulchritudinous parts, we decided to create a composite face of the surgically enhanced siren of the moment. And the less fair sex isn’t immune from surgical vanity. Fleming says he gets requests from male clients for Rob Lowe’s nose and Russell Crowe’s chin but admits he has yet to find a way to implant the Gladiator’s sex appeal. ”I wouldn’t live in California if I could provide that kind of service,” laughs the doc. ”I’d own it.”