A rundown of ''Moulin Rouge'''s kickin' site

June 08, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

Baz Luhrmann’s R-rated recreation of the X-rated spectacle that was the Parisian burlesque club Moulin Rouge puts a glossy sheen on a hotbed of hedonism. Check out the movie’s website for more on corsets and courtesans, green fairies, and La Goulue.

VILLAGE OF SIN Imagine an interactive lecture from the sultriest segment of modern European history. Learn how modernity and the machine age rippled through Paris and created the need for mass entertainment. The sex-drenched, absinthe-soaked bohemian counterculture that erupted makes Studio 54 look like a tea party.

DUBSY’S DIRT Dubsy is Luhrmann’s faithfully quirky assistant. The point behind putting a camera in his hand and giving him Web space is to show that while ”the director is considered the all-saying, all-knowing creator of the project,” says Martin, in reality he may not have been. YOU SHOULD SEE Check out Dubsy’s film of Luhrmann speeding around the lot an hour before shooting, trying to figure out a new way to end the movie.

TOULOUSE TONIGHT John Leguizamo (as painter Henri Toulouse-Lautrec) whisks you on a tour of the tattered carnival of burlesque and chats with the Moulin Rouge’s dancers and oglers. NOW YOU KNOW ”All of the material for Toulouse Tonight was shot on set during the filming,” says webmaster Catherine Martin (wife of director Luhrmann).

LINKS Besides connecting you to sites affiliated with the production (soundtrack contributor Beck’s homepage, for example) the links offer online resources (such as an absinthe webring and the homepage for the real Moulin Rouge: moulinrouge.fr). Check out menus, dancers, and schedules, and if you’re seduced, reserve a table.

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