Who needs lasting relationships when you have three sister soulmates? asks Jessica Shaw

By Jessica Shaw
June 05, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Sex and the City: Craig Blankenhorn

”Sex and the City” celebrates singledom in episode 1

The fourth season premiere of ”Sex and the City” was cause for rejoicing. First, there’s reason for Sunday to exist again, and secondly, it was Carrie’s 35th birthday. To make that halfway to 70 mark all the more painful, Carrie et posse (Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte) began the episode by attending an engagement party, which seemed to be less a celebration of love than of not having to be single anymore.

After a few humiliating moments — including Miranda doing her routine about being single and Charlotte rambling to an unsuspecting partygoer about her crumbling marriage — the well dressed foursome took off. ”We were the only single people at the party,” moaned Miranda. ”Miranda, we’re the only single people anywhere,” snapped Carrie in response.

At that moment, the episode could have veered toward the pity party dead end: Poor us, we wear strapless dresses out to breakfast and get into the most popular clubs and we still can’t make a relationship last for more than three months. Luckily, Carrie’s response to Miranda turned out to be less of a complaint than a statement of fact. Maybe they’re single because the alternative is having a cheesy ”Two Souls, One Thought” engagement party and, as Samantha said, ”Soul mates only exist in the Hallmark aisle of Duane Reade.”

Maybe so, but that didn’t stop Samantha from going for Friar Fók, whom she met while walking past his church. (They ended up having quite the religious sexual experience, if only for Samantha alone in her bed.) Charlotte, meanwhile, tried to figure out what her marriage is all about and ended up having the opposite of a religious sexual experience with Trey.

Adding to the lack of fulfillment theme, nobody even showed up to Carrie’s birthday party (to which, we might add, she wore a most spectacular pomegranate red skirt and belly baring long sleeve top). Of course, it all ended well with a miniparty, a swing-by from Big (we really don’t want to love him, but how can you not root for a guy who waits outside his ex’s apartment with red balloons on her birthday? No, he’s bad! He’s bad!), and an epiphany from Charlotte. ”Maybe we could be each other’s soul mates,” Charlotte said, and at first you wanted to cringe. But the sentiment was more sincere than any Hallmark card because to them, having three soul mates is not a consolation prize, but something truly worth celebrating.

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