From pop stars to college bands, all the big acts are making beautiful music on the Internet

By Noah Robischon
June 05, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

You can’t party like it’s 1999 anymore, but who cares? The Web didn’t offer half as much music then as it does today — unless you were pirating it. Even pirating is passé, now that labels are offering legit tunes online. ”My job is to make buying music easier than stealing it,” says EMI’s new-media chief, Jay Samit. EWi’s Summer Music Preview, which includes artists from every major label — Destiny’s Child and Sisqó, among others — will help you decide if guys like Samit deserve a raise in 2002.


Mandy Moore
WHAT It’s the changing of the guard. The old Moore website,, will relaunch under the new moniker, Among other new features, die-hard fans can get the latest Mandy news sent straight to their cell phones. Sweet! WHEN June WHERE

‘TRL’ Tour
WHAT Get the latest scuttlebutt from the inaugural ”TRL” Tour with headliners Destiny’s Child, plus news about Eve, Nelly, Jessica Simpson, and Dream. Watch streaming-media highlights from the tour, find out the pop stars’ next stop, and get the dish from the artists with Tour Diary, where you’ll be able to experience the inevitable trash talking between rival girl groups Dream and 3LW. WHEN June 26 WHERE

Destiny’s Child
WHAT Make sure you pay your bills (sorry, we couldn’t resist) if you want to catch Destiny’s Child’s performance from Milwaukee’s annual Summerfest. WHEN July 2. WHERE House of

WHAT Watch the high jinks of pop-punkers Blink during their set at Summerfest. The webcast by the House of Blues may or may not feature the 8-foot inflatable sex organ seen during the trio’s appearance last year. WHEN July 5 WHERE House of


WHAT The fanciful musician / actress sheds light on her upcoming album ”Vespertine” in this interview. WHEN Aug. 19 WHERE

Dave Navarro
WHAT He ditched Jane’s Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and now nipple-pierced guitarist Navarro sets out to prove he can stand alone by streaming his first solo effort, ”Trust No One,” a week before it’s released on CD. He also provides commentary before each song. Download the debut single, ”Rexall,” for free. WHEN June 12 – 19 WHERE

WHAT With a swelling fan base on this side of the pond, these mellow Scots recently launched a Yankee-centric minisite where they’ll stream their upcoming album ”The Invisible Band” (released June 12). WHEN U.S. online album premiere: June 8, 12 p.m., 3 p.m., and 7 p.m. (EST). WHERE

Tenacious D
WHAT Jack Black’s acoustic-metal act debuts its online hub, designed by a groupie named Lee Conduit to the D. WHEN June WHERE


Missy Elliott
WHAT See Missy’s webcast from London’s Brixton Academy and watch her rouse the ultracool — and hard to please — Brit hipsters. WHEN June 7 WHERE

WHAT The ex-Dru Hill frontman will cartwheel off stage following his performance at the BET Awards straight into an AOL chat room. In addition, his new album — also an enhanced CD — will lead to a special section on his site, where fans will get messages and updates from Sisqó himself. The revamped site is described by Def Jam as ”’Crouching Tiger’ meets ‘Enter the Dragon’ set in a Buddhist temple.” Enough already. WHEN June 19 WHERE Chat at AOL Chat;

Foxy Brown
WHAT Skim Foxy Brown’s fully interactive comic book and see the images come to life as you move your cursor over the panels. ”[It’s] Foxy as Wonder Woman, Foxy as Catwoman, Foxy as Storm,” says Def Jam’s Theda Sandiford. WHEN July 17 WHERE


‘Tomb Raider’ Soundtrack
WHAT Lara Croft’s movie debut includes cuts from U2 and Outkast, plus Nine Inch Nails’ single ”Deep.” WHEN June – August WHERE ”Tomb Raider”’s website

Ben Harper
WHAT This webcast shows the rootsy folk-rocker returning home to Claremont, Calif., and being joined on stage by his mother, who co-owns a local record store. WHEN June – August WHERE Warner Brothers’ website

Dave Matthews Band
WHAT Win tickets to DMB shows all summer long here. But if you hang out in the parking lot, you run the risk of forced recitation of every color in the J. Crew catalog while doing a keg-stand. WHEN June – August WHERE

WHAT Take the stubs and run! Preorder tickets for the second U.S. leg of the ”Amnesiac” tour. WHEN June 14 – 15 WHERE

WHAT First, let’s hope the Brothers Gallagher show up for their Denver show. With these guys, you can never tell. Then we’ll worry about them making it through this webcast without smashing each other with their instruments. WHEN June 15 and 26 WHERE House of


Bon Jovi WHAT Stiff-haired followers of the Church of Jonny should tune into the webcast of their Summerfest concert. But please, no throwing panties at the screen. WHEN July 8 WHERE House of

CONTRIBUTORS Y. Peter Kang, Ann Limpert, and Noah Robischon