Plus, Barbie unveils an 'N Sync doll, Pamela Anderson stifles another homemade porn tape, and more

By Gary Susman
June 05, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

FAMILY MATHERS Eminem is contesting his estranged wife’s demand for child support for their 5 year old daughter. Arbitrators have suggested payments of $142,480 per year, or $2,740 per week, which Eminem thinks is too much and estranged wife Kim, who is unemployed, thinks is too little. The dispute is the first speed bump in a relatively amicable divorce; the couple have already reached a custody agreement and a deal that gives Kim $475,000 to buy a new home. The couple will try to resolve the issue in a hearing on June 7, two days after the rapper is due in court for sentencing on weapons charges, to which Eminem has pleaded no contest, stemming from an incident last year in which he allegedly pistol whipped a man he saw kissing Kim outside a nightclub….

”Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” is the name of Blink 182‘s new album, out June 12. It’s also probably what Jennifer Jenkins said to singer / guitarist Tom DeLonge after they got married last weekend on Coronado Island, near San Diego. Jenkins, an interior designer, booked her groom’s favorite band, Jimmy Eat World, to play the reception, causing him to weep with joy. ”I cried more than any girl ever cried. That was the gnarliest thing that ever happened to me,” he told People magazine. He gave his groomsmen silver yo-yos from Tiffany’s. All the small, expensive things….

Cate Blanchett, currently on screen in ”The Man Who Cried,” will hear a lot more crying soon. She announced that she’s expecting a child later this year. It will be the first child for Blanchett, 32, and her husband, screenwriter Andrew Upton.

BUY BUY BUY ‘N Sync have some tiny new groupies. ”’N Sync #1 Fan” edition Barbie dolls are hitting the shelves. This Barbie, along with galpals Teresa and Christie, wears a tie-dyed T-shirt with the band’s logo, comes with trading cards and other accessories, and gyrates to music. Each of the three comes with a CD single remix of a different ‘N Sync tune. Now all Barbie needs is Lawyer / Agent Ken, to help her file a paternity suit and get her a tell-all book deal….

In other merchandising news, Shrek isn’t the only movie ogre with a Burger King licensing pact. New Line Cinema says it signed its biggest promotional deal ever for ”Lord of the Rings,” dwarfing the one for the last Austin Powers movie, to link its Christmas hobbits with the fast food franchise. Details are being kept under wraps, but it’s easy to imagine Lord of the Onion Rings meals, served with Wizard Whoppers and a Baggins of Frodo Fries….

As for ”Shrek,” DreamWorks has officially greenlit a sequel. No surprise, since the animated fairy tale spoof has already raked in more than $112 million in two weeks. That’s a lot of green.

LEGAL BRIEFS Don’t expect to see the prequel to the Pamela Anderson – Tommy Lee sex video, a similar tape she made with fellow hair-metal rocker Bret Michaels of Poison. Anderson and Michaels have settled a lawsuit against Internet Entertainment Group, which agreed to pay the couple a seven-figure sum, destroy all copies of the tape, and apologize to Michaels for claiming that the musician gave IEG the video. (Michaels says he has turned down numerous big money offers for the tape and doesn’t know how IEG got it.) Anderson had previously sued the company over the Tommy Lee tape, which IEG continues to sell….

Also, don’t be certain you’ll finally get to read ”The Wind Done Gone.” Margaret Mitchell‘s estate has requested a hearing before the full 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the court’s ruling earlier this week allowing publication of Alice Randall‘s ”Gone With the Wind” parody. The ruling in Randall’s favor was made by a three-judge panel, and the Mitchell estate wants all 12 judges on the court to review the decision. The court doesn’t have to entertain that request, so the book may still be published June 28 as scheduled.

‘BLUE’ HOO Rick Schroeder has made it official: He’s quitting the force. After weeks of rumors, compounded by his absence from the ”NYPD Blue” season finale, Schroeder announced that he’s leaving the show after two and a half years to spend more time with his family. The 31-year-old actor and his wife, Andrea, are expecting their fourth child in August. Fellow ex-child star Mark Paul Gosselaar is joining the cast this fall, though it’s unclear if he’ll be the new partner for Dennis Franz, now the only original cast member still around the show’s ninth season.

HOOP SCREAMS Another week, another loud party at Dennis Rodman‘s house. Newport Beach, Calif. police have been called to quiet more than 50 Rodman fetes in the last year, leading to some $8,500 in fines, but he apparently outdid himself at the birthday party he threw on May 12, for which prosecutors formally charged him with three counts of disturbing the peace yesterday. Rodman arrived at the party via a helicopter that landed on the beach outside his home (that’s one violation) and entertained hundreds of guests, many of them crashers, with a live rock band (using amplifiers without a permit and on the beach are the other violations). Rodman was charged under new noise restrictions passed just last week at a city council meeting, where Rodman told councilors, ”I throw a lot of parties, yes I do. But at all my parties, there’s no kids in any danger,” and complained, ”I get harassed every day, every day.” He’ll be arraigned on June 20….

Speaking of rebounders, Elizabeth Hurley is reportedly dating Dallas Mavericks point guard Steve Nash. ”They just vibed. The relationship is authentic,” Nash’s agent told Sports Illustrated. Well, of course — which relationship between an athlete and a model / actress hasn’t been authentic?