Jessica Shaw catches up with Carrie & Co -- and explains how the gals should proceed this season

By Jessica Shaw
June 01, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Sex and the City: Craig Blakenhorn
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”Sex and the City” is back!

There’s no dry spell like the six months between ”Sex and the City” seasons. If you count out Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, women on television are either irritatingly pathetic (Ally McBeal, Felicity) or annoyingly earnest (see CBS’ Friday night lineup). And if you exclude whomever these four are sleeping with that week, the only lust-worthy guy on TV for months has been Colby… but, of course, the reunion episode killed that. Thankfully, on Sunday, June 3 (HBO, 9:00 p.m.), we get back-to-back ”Sex” and can again revel in singleton friendly waters.

To prepare, let’s recap where Carrie and Co. have been and where they should go.

CARRIE Much to the dismay of ”Northern Exposure” rerun fanatics everywhere (all four of us), Carrie got rid of Aidan, slept with Big, tried to apologize to the abnormally stunning Natasha, and finally decided that she and Big were something beyond friends, lovers, or exes. Watching Carrie fall over and over again for the big, bad Big was already starting to get old. She and Big should become buddies. What would be funnier than watching them stumble through a double date?

SAMANTHA By the end of last season, Samantha Jones was a little too preoccupied with her new $7,000 a month pad to be out on the town picking up eligible and not so eligible men. Do we sense a nesting instinct? Sam’s weekly sexcapades are genius, but I’d like a guy to last in her world for more than three episodes. And what if she’s the one left heartbroken? The Jonesian acerbic one-liners on being jilted would be priceless.

MIRANDA Last year found Miranda finally confronting her annoying ways. After running into her ex, Steve, she actually showed remorse for her part in their relationship ending. Because it seems like every stereotype about powerful, suit wearing women is personified in Miranda, maybe this season the writers should go full steam ahead on the cliché. She’s got a cat and short hair. Why not have Miranda fall for another woman?

CHARLOTTE Despite one night of WASPtastic sex with Trey, Charlotte and her proper, Connecticut bred husband remained separated at the end of the season. Since Trey is never going to be able to give Charlotte the goods, she’ll have to leave him. Maybe she should go on a long walk from the SoHo gallery where she works to Wall Street where she’ll run into the perfect sexy, powerful, well bred banker… who is Asian American.

What do you think should happen this season?

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