The Rackets

June 01, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

You know how everyone in New York City thinks that the Teamsters are in bed with the Mob? Turns out they’re right, at least in this novel whose hero, Jimmy Dolan — once a top city official — is put in the unenviable position of wading through the morass of money and favors among the union brass, the government, and the Mafia. Jimmy enlists Tara, his cop girlfriend, and Liam, a construction worker and gun nut, to help battle the multiethnic thugs who make deals, break legs, and build skyscrapers. This high-pitched thriller could use a few quiet moments, but it delivers the goods in its gritty details of municipal corruption, both blue- and white-collar, with a healthy dose of class consciousness.

The Rackets

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The Rackets

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