By EW Staff
June 01, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

Has The Rock been usurped as the people’s champion? Readers were by and large miffed to see the wrestler’s visage gracing our cover (#595, May 11). ”Fifteen minutes of grimacing, real or digital, by this Conan wannabe shouldn’t have been the emphasis for the biggest movie of the year,” wrote Mike Binkley of Holts Summit, Mo. But The Rock’s fan base probably remains larger than Kerr Smith’s, whose comments about the chaste romantic future of his Dawson’s Creek character inspired a number of angry letters. Alan L. Light of Iowa City has a word for the show’s producers: ”Keep Smith bussing the boys [and] his mouth occupied so he can’t use it to say any other stupid remarks.”

Dwayne Game

The Rock is in The Mummy Returns all of 15 minutes. Brendan Fraser is the ”film’s putative star.” So why is Dwayne Johnson in the foreground of your cover, while Fraser looks as if he were pasted into the photo behind the Scorpion King? No wonder he looks so sad. Fraser has proven himself to be an actor of the highest caliber and versatility. He certainly deserves a more prominent position. RUTH SCHNEIDER Downers Grove, Ill.

Your cover has a lot to say. Is it only me, or does it appear that Brendan Fraser is not that excited about Dwayne Johnson’s (a.k.a. The Rock) stealing all the attention for the movie? I doubt that you could have gotten a cover photo that better spoke the truth of the hype surrounding the film. Once again, EW is the best! JAIME ALBERTY Cambridge, Mass.

‘Harbor’ View

I take exception to the New York Times columnist’s comments in Josh Young’s Pearl Harbor article (News & Notes). She suggested that praise for the sacrificing warriors who saved democracy might be ”getting a little out of hand,” and that ”now they can’t stop gushing and celebrating themselves.” My brother was shot down and spent 21 months as a prisoner of war in Germany. I’ve never heard him gush or celebrate himself. If this generation is being celebrated, I say it’s about time. I hope you have the grace to feel ashamed for your remarks. MARY ALICE LEWIS Newbury Park, Calif.

Smith and Lesson

Kerr Smith said, ”I don’t think teenagers need to see two guys kissing on a weekly basis” (News & Notes). I would pose the question: Why not? We see much more than kissing from heterosexual couples on network TV. What is so objectionable about seeing two guys kissing on as regular a basis as you see a man and a woman kissing? I can’t think of anything other than positive effects that it would have on an audience to see affection being shared by two men, especially on a primarily teenage audience, many of whom are probably struggling with their own sexual identities. DOUG M. THORSEN Rockford, Ill.

You’d think a 29-year-old actor who seems to be building a career playing gay characters (Dawson’s Creek and gay roles in The Broken Hearts Club and Hit and Runway) would be past this insulting ”Eww, gross!” attitude. Just what fan base do you hope to cultivate with these roles and that attitude? KEVIN HOWELL Brooklyn