By Peter Debruge
June 01, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

Who wants to be a Moulin-aire? There should be a prize for nailing the pronunciation of Moulin Rouge, set at the famed Parisian cabaret (whose name means ”red windmill”). Previews say ”Moo-lon,” while everyone in the film (except Nicole Kidman) says it like a true Frenchy — ”Moo-lan,” with the final ”n” mostly silent. But don’t go francophone on Moviefone: 777-FILM’s voice recognition software doesn’t ”comprend” the French way. Herve Moulin, a Paris-born prof at Rice University, says he doesn’t mind Americanized versions: ”People have to make compromises if they change countries.” Still curious as to how your average Yank enunciates the title, EW polled 100 theatergoers in Times Square.

49% Moo-lon Rouge
33% Moo-lan Rouge
14% Moo-lin Rouge
4% Moo-len Rouge