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May 23, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

All about the WWF’s latest antics

It looks as though the WWF does, in fact, know the way to San Jose — that is, the Compaq Center, site of this week’s ”RAW Is WAR” (Monday, TNN, 9 p.m.). With all the bad decisions (Undertaker / Kane vs. Austin / Triple H, anyone?) that have abounded since April’s Wrestlemania, Monday’s sublime effort — coming on the heels of Sunday’s just adequate Judgment Day pay per view — demonstrated a foresight and determination to get things back on track. Which it did, big time. Herewith, the highlights:

Chrises Jericho and Benoit, having prevailed in Judgment Day’s Tag Team Turmoil melee, wasted no time in challenging — and defeating — Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin for the tag belts in a spectacular match. It was a rare pleasure to hear Jericho direct his signature ”Shut the hell up!” rag at the increasingly whiny Austin. This is the rivalry serious marks have been hungering for. The bad news? Triple H reportedly tore up his knee, an injury that could put him out of action for months. Damn!

With Shane McMahon turning up to spoil Kurt Angle’s cheesoid ”Olympic reenactment” ceremony, the so far dormant WCW (which, you may recall, Shane took over back in March, much to daddy Vince’s horror) has begun to stir. With July’s ”Fully Loaded” pay per view having been cryptically renamed ”Invasion,” expect the interpromotional heat to build.

The Acolytes get treated to a wet T shirt (courtesy of the suddenly sexy again Teri Runnels) and a convincing victory over Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn to further their apparent push. Bonus comedic points for walleyed Saturn’s backstage concussion exam.

Spike Dudley and Molly Holly seem destined for a star crossed romance that’s bound to run afoul of their feuding clans. Aww…

Steven Richards, appearing via remote from the WWF New York restaurant / entertainment complex, gets a curt dissing from Heyman and Uncle Cracker…uh, I mean Jim Ross. RTC RIP?

What did you think of last night’s developments?

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