Laying the Odds on VH1's Rock & Roll Reality Show 'Bands on the Run'

By Dalton Ross
Updated May 18, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

After watching weeks of wild exploits on VH1’s Bands on the Run — the multi-city contest in which struggling rockers compete for $50,000 (not to mention groupies) — it’ll be tough seeing one act hit the road for good in the show’s first elimination episode (May 13). Before they do, we decided to predict which group will get the glory.

— Dalton Ross And Brian M. Raftery


SOUNDS LIKE Watered down Weezer

BAND PHILOSOPHY ”We would do anything to make an extra couple of bucks,” says singer Beastie.

TOKEN LOOSE CANNON Beastie. ”On stage I’m such a rocker, dude,” he says. ”I’m weird, but I’m not cool.”

WHY THEY SHOULD WIN Tireless promoters, they once played 12 shows in two days.

WHY THEY SHOULD LOSE Repeatedly violate the ”bands shall not wear cheesy T-shirts advertising their own website” rule

ODDS 2-1


SOUNDS LIKE A Goo Goo Dolls cover band

BAND PHILOSOPHY ”We’re gonna drink, we’re gonna party, and we’re gonna meet chicks,” says guitarist Corey. ”If you don’t want to do that, then why the f — – are you in a band?”

TOKEN LOOSE CANNON Drummer Dominic, who pounds beers harder than skins, and has a groupie (or 17) in every port.

WHY THEY SHOULD WIN See Band Philosophy.

WHY THEY SHOULD LOSE Their initial promotion strategy in San Francisco was, in a word, misguided. ”We go to gay clubs, and say we are a gay rock band,” proclaimed Corey. ”All the gay people will come. Dude, we are cute!”

ODDS 5-2


SOUNDS LIKE Marilyn Manson interpreting Hole

BAND PHILOSOPHY ”We’re just drunk, falling over, being really useless,” says drummer Rebecca.

TOKEN LOOSE CANNON Singer Amanda, who confesses, ”I’m just really sexually open.”

WHY THEY SHOULD WIN Not above pimping themselves out to bachelor parties.

WHY THEY SHOULD LOSE Forfeited Goth street cred when Rebecca gushed about a Jenny Jones show gig: ”This is big-time.”

ODDS 6-1


SOUNDS LIKE Ben Folds Five meets…Ben Folds Five

BAND PHILOSOPHY ”Oh, my God,” says backup singer Adrian, ”my band is so boring!”

TOKEN LOOSE CANNON Bassist Daryl, who crashed the group’s van and almost beat up a hitchhiker.

WHY THEY SHOULD WIN Always do their best — even if only one person shows up (as at their Cleveland gig)

WHY THEY SHOULD LOSE See Sounds Like category.

ODDS 10-1