A weekly spin on the Web

By Noah Robischon
Updated May 18, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

JOY RAIDER The Tomb Raider site (tombraidermovie.com) began its climactic buildup April 27 with a series of panoramic iPix views of the action flick’s elaborate sets. While Croft Manor is the jumping-off point, each of the 50 ”nodes,” which stretch from Lara’s bedroom to Siberian ice caves, is guarded by a puzzle. Sadly, the film’s star, Angelina Jolie, is not one of them.

BEATLE MANIA Since the release of the Beatles’ 1 compilation last November, Apple Records has contracted avant-garde Web designers, including hi-res! and Heavy.com, to contribute digital companion sites for all 27 songs (thebeatles.com). Each piece uses artwork, photos, or video from the era when the tune first topped the charts.

FOWL PLAY Not content to sit back while Harry Potter casts his spell, Miramax is pushing its own magical child antihero in the form of Artemis Fowl. The book won’t be out until next month, but the tale is already being adapted for big-screen release in 2002 — and has an official website (artemisfowl.com).