They blazed a trail in adult movie gross-outs, and now the Farrellys are boldly bringing their signature laugh getters — mucus, flatulence, and festering sores — to the family entertainment realm. It all starts when a zookeeper (Murray) eats a hard-boiled egg contaminated with monkey saliva. Cut to the animated — as in cartoon — goings-on inside his besieged immune system, as a white blood cell cop (Rock) partnered with a persnickety cold pill (Pierce) tries to collar the nasty virus (Fishburne) that’s making Murray sick. (”Laurence’s character has an inferiority complex,” says codirector Sito. ”He wants to prove himself. He’s jealous of Ebola and E. coli.”)

Along the way, the lawmen visit such squirmy sites as Booger Dam (a runny nose) and the Zit (a bar nestled inside a pimple). In early cuts of the movie, the cops also stopped in at Gonad’s Gym, where sperm cells excitedly work the treadmills. But Warner Bros., wanting to advertise in kids’ markets, decided to go from PG-13 to PG, so out came the testicles. Here’s hoping they bounce back on the DVD.

Osmosis Jones
  • Movie
  • 1 minutes