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Updated March 17, 2020 at 02:42 AM EDT

American Pie 2

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There’s nothing funny about shooting ”American Pie 2,” where the top secret atmosphere seems more in line with planning a military coup than making a sequel. ”Originally, my first drafts were very rough…. I covered the whole thing in notes that said, ‘If you show it to anyone, I’ll kick your ass,”’ explains Herz, who went so far as to submit the script (then called ”Secret Disguise”) under the pseudonym Rudolpho M. Venezuela. ”The whole veil of secrecy started because of my insecurity,” he adds. ”But now it’s there because we’re worried if people hear all the gags and jokes they won’t be as funny when the movie comes out.”

Here’s what we can tell you: The whole cast of horndogs from the 1999 original has reassembled at chateau Stifler on Lake Michigan, where we last saw the troupe losing their collective virginity. (While Universal had originally suggested sending the kids to Europe or settling them in New York City, Herz and director Rogers — who was first assistant director on the original ”Pie” — insisted on returning to familiar ground.) It’s the summer after their freshman year at college, and Oz (Klein) finds himself without girlfriend Heather (Suvari), who is studying in Paris. Says Klein, who’ll also be starring in this month’s ”Rollerball”: ”We’re dealing with temptation, serious relationships at 19, and how mature we are.”

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But no need to panic. The characters aren’t that mature. Biggs, who has probably done more for apples than anyone since Eve, promises plenty of ”shock value moments,” and Scott vows that Stifler is ”10 times crazier than the last time.” Admits Thomas, who reprises his role as the snooty Finch, ”Sequels as a rule don’t work — that’s the truth of the matter. But Adam Herz knows how to make a movie funny.” Even if he doesn’t know how to make making a movie funny.

American Pie 2

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