By Clarissa Cruz
Updated May 11, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

SNL spoofed it. Jay Leno ridiculed it. Jerry Seinfeld even devoted a chunk of his Letterman stand-up shtick to it. Over a year after TV spots touted Subway-sandwich-eating Jared Fogle’s 245-pound weight loss, the Subway Diet is still on a roll. ”For the first time, I found food that I really enjoyed and that was allowing me to lose weight,” says Fogle, 23, who subsisted entirely on Subway cuisine for a year (six-inch turkey subs with Baked Lay’s and diet soda for lunch and foot-long veggie subs with diet soda for dinner). Fogle, who is shopping a book, appears in the latest ad with dieters he’s inspired. And they’re not the only ones to benefit from his example. Business at Subway has shot up more than 15 percent, though exec Chris Carroll cautions ”We would never recommend that somebody only eat Subway.” Adds American Dietetic Association spokesperson Nelda Mercer: ”He’s not getting enough variety in his diet, and it’s not teaching him any kind of lifelong behavior patterns.” Beats that Survivor diet, though.