The latest episode highlights his charming heroics and opens up a strong potential storyline, says Mike Flaherty

By Mike Flaherty
May 09, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Mick Foley: Jim Hagen/TNN
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Mick Foley returns to WWF’s ”RAW”

After a brutal ”Smackdown” (UPN, 8 p.m.) last Thursday that saw the Undertaker toss ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin through a plate glass window, and Saturday’s U.K. pay per view ”Insurrextion,” during which the ‘Taker suffered a nasty ear laceration when it got lodged in Austin’s knee brace (ouch!), the WWF’s centerpiece storyline got a bit of a rest on Monday night’s ”RAW Is War” (TNN, 8 p.m.). (You know things have calmed down when renowned iron man Triple H gets a night off.) Instead, the episode offered a slew of smaller scale treats, some of which hold real promise for the near future…provided the bookers that be steer things in the right direction.

First and foremost, there was the return of ex- commissioner Mick Foley, who opened the show by gleaning a couple of cheap pops from his hometown crowd at Nassau Coliseum and — natch — hawking his new book, ”Foley Is Good,” which hits bookstores this week. He later lent his considerable charisma to turn Rikishi against the McMahon / Austin / Helmsley cabal. All that aside, Foley’s appearance was a reminder of the charming, semi- lighthearted heroics that have been lacking in the WWF since he went on hiatus last year. Please, please get this guy in a feud with present commissioner Regal.

Also refreshing was seeing Bradshaw in singles action against the now medal-less Olympian Kurt Angle. Let’s hope this is the beginning of the Acolyte’s long rumored (and overdue) push; he’s a brutal, headbanging joy to watch, and the kind of crowd pleasing, non- comedic face that the WWF should be readying for that day (i.e., NOW) when Kane and ‘Taker get tired.

The fatal four way match for the light heavyweight title — featuring the technical mastery of Jerry Lynn and the always dependable Crash Holly — bodes well for the future of high flying action in the WWF, especially with the imminent arrival of Yoshihiro ”The Japanese Buzzsaw” Tajiri. (Wait ’til you see this guy!) And hey, is it just me, or is Grandmaster Sexay — you know, the really annoying half of Two Cool? — actually becoming a solid performer?

Where do you think the WWF’s next hot angle is coming from?

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