Plus, Sly addresses the ''Rambo'' rumors, and more
Jennifer Lopez
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CANTON BALL Former head of Columbia TriStar Mark Canton had such a heavenly time producing Jennifer Lopez’s supernatural thriller ”Angel Eyes,” opening May 18, that he’s getting down with J. Lo on her next project, as well. ”We’re talking to her about ‘Taking Lives,’ with Tony Scott directing,” says Canton, who hopes the thriller, about an FBI officer tracking down a serial killer, will be ready to roll in the late fall. Also on Canton’s agenda is a meeting with Jude Law, whom he’d like to skirt up as the star in ”Alexander” (as in the Great one); leading the charge into battle will be director Christopher McQuarrie (”The Way of the Gun”).

NO IFS ANDS OR BUTTS We’re delighted that Sylvester Stallone has sped his way back to the box office with ”Driven,” but we must admit to some disappointment that Stallone World erroneously raised our hopes about a Rambo sequel. ”I’m not doing another one,” says Stallone. ”I don’t know if I’d look good in a thong anymore.” Apparently, his tush isn’t as tight as his face these days.

FURTHERMORE Harold Becker, who’s finishing up John Travolta’s thriller ”Domestic Disturbance,” is talking with producer Martin Bregman about directing a film version of Nelson DeMille’s novel ”The Gold Coast,” which concerns a Mafia don torturing his uptight Long Island neighbor…. Screenwriter Jay Lavender is making the most of the possible strikes. He’s written and directed a comedic short called ”Force Majeure,” about the imagined effects of the strike on crew members; the film screened at CAA, where Lavender was once an assistant, and is now being passed around by studio execs. It debuted on on May 1.

Additional reporting by Cindy Pearlman

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