Readers respond to "Survivor," Peter O'Toole, and Jason Sehorn

By EW Staff
Updated May 04, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail: Bruce Springsteen

EW Has Spoken

Thanks so much for your coverage of the final seven outbackers on Survivor 2 (”Fire and Rice”). It was an essential and accurate guide for any Survivor-aholic like me. Anyone who dares to disagree with your odds should just look at your cover, as you were able to guess the six remaining contestants.

Thank you for the Survivor cover! It’s safe to say I’m addicted (as is everyone else in my office!). I only have one question…. Does EW know something only Mark Burnett and the other Survivors know? If you have the scoop, will you please share it with the rest of us? Thanks for the insight to our beloved remaining Survivors!

How dare you, EW! I was so excited and overjoyed to get my issue with the Survivors on it, only to have my heart crushed by the ill-placed address box imposed over the stunningly beautiful, sweet, kindhearted Elisabeth! Forget Buffy, Britney, and Christina; this is the girl that has my heart! P.S. If you could get her to dump that college football boyfriend of hers, I’ll prepay for my magazine subscription for the next 50 years.
MATTHEW BARKER Clarkston, Mich.

My response to the whole Survivor ”phenomenon” can be summed up in two words: Who cares! GERARD A. FORTIER Plainville, Mass.

O’Toole Time

My compliments to Troy Patterson for his wonderful article on the fascinating O’Toole (”Peter O’Toole”). But I take exception to Mr. Patterson’s reference to The Stunt Man. The movie director Eli Cross, as inhabited by O’Toole, was enigmatic…to say the least. But a ”rotten core”? I think not! PAT SHIELDS Studio City, Calif.

As the author of the 1989 biography David Lean and a friend of the late director, I’d like to add a postscript to Troy Patterson’s heartfelt profile of Peter O’Toole. While Peter and David maintained a sometimes testy relationship both during and after the filming of Lawrence of Arabia, David always greatly respected and held tremendous affection for his star. As a perfectionist, however, David felt there was one aspect of T.E. Lawrence’s character that was missing from O’Toole’s performance: that of Oxford don. ”Strangely enough,” said David, ”Peter finally got it right when he did Goodbye, Mr. Chips.” And, despite the many flaws of that 1969 musical, David considered O’Toole’s performance in that to be his all-time greatest.

Watch Out

In the April 13 issue, you made a ghastly mistake in On the Air by Lynette Rice (TV). How could you give away what happens to Jason Sehorn’s character on Third Watch? When asked if the footballer had a future on Third Watch, coexec producer Ed Bernero said, ”Not unless he’s a ghost.” This statement obviously revealed that he died in the April 16 episode. I’ll forgive, but not forget!
TRISH HUGHES Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

Rites of Springsteen

Thanks for the great review of Bruce Springsteen’s new live album (Music). In a time dominated by disposable teen pop, it’s good to know that real talent is still recognized. The Boss is back with the power and promise of rock & roll.

Two weeks in a row you guys have made a crack about the high cost of Bruce Springsteen concert tickets. I’m not sure where you’re getting this from, as the 1999-2000 tour had a ticket price range of $37.50-67.50. This was downright inexpensive compared to some other big tours. This made it much easier for us Bruce fans to justify seeing several shows on the tour.
MARC CUSA New York City