The funniest lines on the web from the week of April 27, 2001

By EW Staff
Updated April 27, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

”It’s a fairly liquid-filled movie. Although I’m proud to report there’s no pee in the movie. Although there is quite a bit of blood and water. There’s actually a lot of water in the movie. There’s one scene where I drink a lot of orange juice.” — Freddy Got Fingered‘s Tom Green on bodily fluids, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”He thinks he’s all H.R. Tough N Stuff, but he’s really a sushi-eatin’ moron. I told him the first day that he doesn’t even have to go to wardrobe, just walk from your trailer at home up to the set. You might need a little extra WD-40 in your hair, but it might be greasy enough.” — Joe Dirt‘s David Spade on his costar Kid Rock, on Yahoo! Chat